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SPONSORED CONTENT: Living in the States I am absolutely surrounded by sport and as much as I have a love for the NFL and the NBA, it is English soccer which is really where my passion lies. I only have one friend who also enjoys the English game and each week we meet up to watch the games themselves and of course, talk and argue about each and every team and player. Last week my buddy Stephen Buzzi asked me where I thought this year’s title was going and the truth is, I can’t see it ending up anywhere but Manchester, something which he disagrees with, let’s take a look.

Manchester City

Guardiola faced a lot of backlash last year after his team struggled to get any higher than 3rd and struggled in the Champions League. Gradual has hit back at his critics however by putting together an outstanding team, in a formation which is really starting to pay off for the Spaniard. Guardiola has managed to clear out some aging players and brought in fresh and energetic faces, he has unlocked the likes of Kevin de Bruyne and he has breathed life into the careers of the likes of Yaya Toure and Raheem Sterling. Man City are brushing teams away with ease this year, much like Chelsea did last year and they are hot favorites to life the title.

Manchester United

It has been a tough few years at United ever since Ferguson left but since Jose Mourinho has arrived he has been financially backed and put together quite a team. Mourinho has won the title in his second season at every club that he has managed, and this year could be no different. The signing of Romelu Lukaku was a huge statement for United to make and the somewhat shocking signing of central midfielder Nemanja Matic could very well prove to be the difference between them snatching the title or not. United have a tight defense, and exciting attack, a creative midfield and a steeliness that we haven’t seen in a United team for many years.

The Case For Against

There are only two teams that could challenge the Manchester clubs for the title this season and that is Chelsea and Tottenham. Arsenal will struggle to get into the Champions League again and Liverpool looks to be on a downward trajectory under Jurgen Klopp rather than the other way around.

However, Spurs may have the best first 11 in the league but their squad depth is poor and when the game start to pile up, Spurs could flounder, especially in their cursed, adopted stadium. Chelsea don’t look to have the same spirit as last year and whilst Morata may have hit the ground running, some of the other signings which the club has made are very questionable. The selling of Matic will serve as a hammer blow to Chelsea, especially to a rival and that sale could very well have signaled the end of Chelsea’s title hopes.

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