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4 Useful Ways To Grow Your Brand

Branding A Business From The Ground Up

Launching a brand is an exciting time. It’s the opportunity to grow a business and get your name out there. You’ll probably find after a short time that it’s also a difficult challenge.

That’s why you need a strategy in place for getting in front of your target audience. People aren’t going to know who you are or what your company does unless you clearly communicate it to them at the right time. Expanding your brand will help customers recognize you in their daily life and be drawn to your products and services. See four useful ways to grow your brand.

Influencer Marketing

One proven strategy is to utilize influencer marketing tactics. Put your products and services in the hands of highly influential social media users. Take advantage of a product like Grin that helps you search and find the right influencers for your vertical and brand. The best influencers aren’t in marketplaces, you need to proactively seek them out and recruit them. This medium enables you to find them. These influencers are going to help you reach your target audience and get them excited without directly selling to them.

Social Media

Create and brand social media pages that will help you engage with your target audience. Run contests, share relevant and timely information and launch advertisements to ensure you’re getting in front of the right people. Everyone’s on social media these days, so it only makes sense that you’d want to be there too, ready to interact with potential and current customers. Join groups focused on specific topics and industries to network with the right people. Keep your posts consistent and engage on a regular basis. Use social media as an opportunity to offer excellent customer service.

Host Events

Make prospects aware of your brand by online and in person events. People love a free function where they can eat, socialize and learn. Run them on a consistent basis and be sure to invite those in your target audience group. Also, show appreciation for your current customers and turn them into influencers and advocates by hosting events dedicated to thanking them for their loyalty. Give away free products or services and use it as an opportunity to host live demonstrations and answer questions. Hand out free swag so your guests can take their enthusiasm with them out into the public and spread the word about you.

Content Marketing

Never underestimate the power of knowledge to grow your brand. Do this by launching a blog and sharing thought-provoking content on your website and social media pages. Stimulate interest in your products or services by producing engaging videos and online material. Your goal isn’t to directly promote your brand, but demonstrate your leadership and make a name for yourself in the industry space. Focus on SEO to increase brand awareness and recognition.


Setting out to grow your brand is a big goal. Have a strategy in place to help you tackle the challenge and come out on top. These are four useful ways to grow your brand.

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