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Be a Geek and Never Run Out of Data

Be a Geek and Never Run Out of Data

Data is a must in the world of Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest. When our lives are continually recorded and shared across a multitude of social platforms, running out of data should never be an option. Any Google search for mobile data packages will reveal a myriad of contract options; from unlimited minutes, texts and data. The mobile broadband option that is right for you will depend on what exactly you do with your mobile device. Do you document your every meal and experience, and then share to friends and followers? Or do you just check and reply to emails once a day? Or perhaps you watch sports and stream movies whilst on the move! Whatever your mobile usage, there is a plan that fits your life and your pocket. Vodafone mobile has a range of data plans that can ensure that you never pay for more than you need in terms of mobile internet. So many mobile service providers offer unlimited internet and with the latest mobiles offering advanced functionality in terms of connectivity and streaming, unlimited Samsung data plans are abounding.

Expect Nothing Less than Unlimited Minutes

In fact, many so-called ‘unlimited’ data plans actually have a cap so it is important to double check the small print before committing yourself to a contract. The more established mobile service providers such as Vodafone, Three and o2 offer clear to understand plans. The last thing you need is to sign up for an unlimited internet plan when you rarely use the internet, and then you run out of minutes just when you really need them. Vodafone offer a range of SIM only plans for those who are happy with their current handset, and a wide selection of data plan combinations with unlimited minutes and texts. Minutes do matter since not everyone wants to depend on Whatsapp calls.

Travel Abroad with Your Home Plan

Vodafone mobile has plans starting from 250MB right up to 60GB a month which you can carry with you on your holiday or business trip with Vodafone Global Roaming. There are 50 destinations where travellers can use their mobile as if they where in the UK and a small motnhly £5 charge increases the number of countries to 60. So, say goodbye to expensive roaming charges and swapping SIM cards with local ones as you rush thorugh foreign airports.

Spotify, Now TV and Sky Sports on the Go

If you love the Premier League and other sports you’ll be glad to hear that select plans offer Sky Sports free for the entire length of the contract. If you calculate how much data is used watching sports events by sports lovers, then it is easy to appreciate the value of unlimited Sky Sports in addition to any data plan. Now TV and Spotify are also unlimited options offered by Vodafone mobile, which enables unlimited access without deducting any data from your plan.

Samsung Performance and Data Usage

The new Samsung S8 has an amazing quality 5.8 inch HD + Super AMOLED screen and 6.2 inches for the S8+. They use ultra fast Octo-core processors which, coupled with impressive screen resolution (2960×1440), amounts to incredible streaming capabilities and the perfect reason to sign up to one of the free add-on options. Music lovers can stream to their hearts content with Spotify also a free option on many plans.

Where Can I Find the Best Mobile Broadband deals?

You could walk into mobile phone service provider shops and ask for plan details. But then you would have to visit so many different shops picking up brochures from each store to compare and this could get confusing. Using a reputable mobile phone comparison website is the most effective way to compare packages and prices from all of the service providers. Features and options can be compared side by side and a well informed decision made as a result. So, don’t travel all over your town or city looking for mobile phone shops. Just compare mobile phone packages from the comfort of your own home. It’s free and it’s fast.

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