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December 16, 2017
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Avoid These Errors If You Want Your Resume to Shine

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Knocking on a door is not enough to make the owner open it for you. Services such as Thesis Panda strongly recommend knocking the right way since how you knock will also determine the response you will receive. For instance, if you went to someone’s door and began banging it like a thief, the person will not open. Most likely, they will sound the alarm, or if they come out, they will chase you. The same applies to applying to jobs; your resume is like your knock on the employer’s door. How you do it matters the same way the knock itself does. Therefore, we have compiled these fatal mistakes you need to avoid when knocking on someone’s door searching for a job. Read on to discover and avoid them in your future job applications.

Redundant Skills

Though skills are instrumental in your resume, be careful so that you don’t flood the potential employer with excess ones. If you list too many skills, you will increase your prospective employer’s chances of forgetting all of them. Just include the skills you will need to do your job, period.

Including Salary Information

When writing your resume, you should remember that it is not a tool for negotiating a salary. The primary goal of this document is to allow your employer to find out your suitability for the job you are applying to. If you include salary issues, you may damage your chances of securing the job. Also, you may lose of the best salary offer the company could have offered you. The reason is that the company may have been planning to pay you $2,000 per month, and yet, you quoted $1,500. Even if the job advert has a salary range, wait until you present yourself for negotiations before raising the money issue. The reason is that the hiring manager could tilt the scale in your favor if your qualifications are exceptional.

Using Elaborate Fonts

Always remember that a resume is a formal document and use font types that suit that setting. Avoid using decorative fonts in your CV and use only legible ones.

Poor Layout

Layout is critical in your CV. Therefore, keep off the trap of writing your resume using a poor and shoddy layout. If you use a poor layout, it will be difficult for your reader to navigate the resume.

Unprovable Claims

Even though your resume is a marketing tool, keep off the trap of using exaggerated claims. Never use statements like, “During my fiveyear tenure at company XYZ, I was the best manager in Poland” without proof. Doing so will be a very low form of showing your desperation or trying to make children out the hiring team.

Avoiding blunders in your resume will save you the regrettable pain of losing a job opportunity you could have secured easily. By avoiding the goofs, we have discussed in this post, we believe you will be in a better position to write better resumes in the future.