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Whether you’re jumping on a plane to travel to exotic lands for a relaxing vacation, or undertaking an important business trip, using all the tech tools at your fingertips can help you make the most of your time away. It can help you plan excursions, keep in touch with your nearest and dearest, and spread the word about the sights and sounds you’re absorbing. Here are four ways to utilize tech when you’re enjoying life away from home.

Planning your trip

In the old days, planning a vacation abroad meant plowing through loads of thick brochures. Now, you can fire up your tablet, laptop or desktop computer and search for everything you need from the comfort of your home. It means that choosing a destination couldn’t be simpler! Simply check out some of the leading travel sites and apps for ideas on city breaks and longer vacations. You’ll be able to see a host of photos and videos and check out what other people have said after their visits. These kinds of insights are invaluable.

If you need to book a hotel and flight, then check out some of the apps, which compare prices between different companies. When you think you’ve got yourself the bargain of the century, have a good look at the accommodation on the company website, and check out the photos, reviews, location and so on. All being well, you should be good to go!

Keeping in touch

Before you set off on your trip, think about how you’re going to keep in touch with everyone back home and, if you’re a social media addict, how you’re going to get online to post all those amazing things about your time overseas. Check out whether your accommodation has free Wi-Fi, look for free Wi-Fi spots while you’re out and about, and check out ways of getting cheap international calls. You could also make use of calling apps, like Messenger and WhatsApp to save some dollars too.

Arriving at your destination

Business or pleasure, you need to figure out how you’re going to get to your accommodation when you end up outside the terminal building laden with your bags. If you have time before you head off, you should check online for what transport services are available, and the ones that meet your budget.

If you’re doing it all on arrival, don’t just go for the nearest option at the airport, as it may end up costing you a small fortune. Instead, you can check out taxi and car share apps on your phone and see if you can save some money, but make sure you’re booking with a licensed, legitimate company.

Getting around

Once you’re at your destination, and your bags are unpacked, it’s time to explore! Where are you going to go? Pick up your smartphone or tablet and download some travel apps for wherever you are. You should be able to find some interactive maps, which use GPS to lead you. These guides are a great way to discover everything as a visitor, highlighting key attractions, places to eat and drink, and where to dance the night away!

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