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10 Must Reads for Supercharging Your Financial Independence (no MBA required)


Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing like investing in top-notch books to empower your dreams and keep you going during your travels this summer.

While you’re packing be sure to add a few books. And remember, used books need love too and, of course, they are readily available to purchase online. Used texts are a great return on investment and when you’re done, it’s a grand occasion to give the book to someone that you treasure. Good friends defiantly share great reads.

To prepare you for driving towards your impending success, here are our top 10 literary recommendations. Each book is selected for its ability to help the inner entrepreneur accomplish three things: pivoting in a pitfall, gracefully minimizing personal bias and most importantly setting you up for success so you get back to winning, sooner.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just jumping in, each of these titles was selected with you in mind. We pulled authors who air on the side of empowerment, sharing meaningful leadership experiences that grow both profit and happiness.

And with that, let’s jump into the curated excellence:

1. Playing the Game Without a Coach: How Courage, Resilience, and Forgiveness Helped One Man Seize the American Dream – Benjamin Raymond

Why: Let’s face it, the competition can be a real threat. One of the greatest impacts on entrepreneurial success is one’s direct exposure to another.

One Word: Current

2. The Magic Of Thinking BIG – David Schwartz, PhD

Why: If we all knew, attitudes are the allies that determine our aptitude for success — we’d all be both happier and wealthier

One Word: Disarming

3. Feeding the Soul – Tabitha Brown

Why: Because success and entrepreneurship are so much more than winning. And I mean, it’s her!

One Word: Her-spiring

4. The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness

Why: Who doesn’t like to spend? This read is trending and very popular amount thought leaders on money, finance and consumerism.

One Word: Triggering

5. “In Business As In Life, You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate” – Chester L Karrass

Why: Face it, we’re all [a bit] self-righteous. At times it’s great and in others, it’s a bias. Here’s to learning to get what you deserve, not just what you want.

One Word: Nuclear

6. Resisting Happiness – Matthew Kelly
Why: It’s an easy, fun read to remind us how mastering our happiness and lives ultimately impacts business and all relationships. Reset and Dig In!

One Word: Vulnerability

7. Do You! – Russell Simmons

Why: Yes, it’s a classic. For good and challenging reasons, if one were to look past the celebrity there is host of free upgrades see the lifestyle choices

One Word: Freedom

8. You Can If You Think You Can – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
Why: Because you are ready to shift your life into full experience, and you just need a booster. It mentions God a lot (maybe you don’t like that), read it still. This man knows how to lift the spirit and the belief that success is for you, and everyone else. I got this from Les Brown, and I thank him.

One Word: Order

9. Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game – Walker Deibel
Why: Starting a business is a way to success, not the way. Maybe you can build, build and scale faster? Or may you co-founder your way to the life of your dreams. Think uniquely, but don’t reinvent the wheel. It’s estimated, on average entrepreneurs will generate ~ $85k in annual salary (and that’s given they sell and exit in the first 8 -10 years.

One Word: Innovative

10. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets – Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Why: A woman once corrected me: “Life is happening for her”, me (and you) never to us. Accepting this can be one of the most freeing perspectives on living. This read illustrates how randomness does impact our lives and how we are often blind to it, its positivity and if randomness must direct one’s future behavior.

One Word: Grit





    Frederick Jason
    Frederick Jason
    Frederick Jason is a writer and financier who lives to empower other"underdogs" in business. He is a proud Atlanta native, Oregon MBA, and HBCU graduate