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11 Early-Stage Brazilian Tech Startups To Watch


Brazil’s tech ecosystem has continued to mature, drawing high-profile investors including Rocket Internet and Sequoia Capital.

Brazil’s tech ecosystem has been picking up steam. The local startup scene has been energized by the proliferation of cheap smartphones (sure to accelerate with Xiaomi‘s launch in Brazil this month), Brazilians’ heavy use of social networks, and tech-infrastructure improvements made ahead of the 2014 World Cup. International investors have taken note. Rocket Internet has been raising its profile in Brazil, with investments in Vaniday, Clickbus, and Easy Taxi, among others. US investors like Institutional Venture Partners and Sequoia have also been active in this market.

As momentum increases, we used CB Insights data to highlight 11 early-stage Brazilian tech companies to keep an eye on. These are startups that have raised funds within the last two years but have not yet raised a Series B round.

The 11 startups on our list provide a wide range of services, including an online video ad network, a marketplace for residential rentals, and a messenger delivery service.

Click here to view the original article and the 11 startups on the CB Insights list.



    UrbanGeekz Staff
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