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Princeton Grad Creates App that Rewards Students for Good Grades

Trevor Wilkins, is the co-founder of Küdzoo: a mobile app

When he was only 12-years-old, Chicagoan Trevor Wilkins was the youngest contestant on the Discovery Kids reality TV show Endurance, a show that was sort of a mix between Survivor and Big Brother. On the show, Wilkins learned that nothing would be handed to him, and that he had to work strategically with his team in order to win challenges. His experiences on that program created a blueprint for how he approached football in both middle and high school and how he approaches working as an entrepreneur today.

Wilkins officially launched Küdzoo, an app that rewards students for receiving good grades in school, with the help of his co-founder Logan Cohen this past school year and the duo was recently named one of the Best Education Entrepreneurs by Forbes. “I think we have a very attractive product and there have been a lot of people offering us the world and to take us to the Promised Land, but it is solely on my partner and me, and our supportive team, to get our goals accomplished,” says Wilkins.

The idea for Küdzoo, named after the fastest growing plant in the world, comes from Wilkins’ childhood as well. Growing up, his parents would reward he and his siblings $10 for an A and $5 for a B in high school. Those monetary rewards ultimately incentivized Wilkins to set his own personal goals of achievement, which led him to Princeton University where he eventually developed the idea to build Küdzoo in his senior year.

Here, Wilkins talks with The Upload about being an entrepreneur, Küdzoo 2.0, the growth to 500,00 active users and more.

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