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June 15, 2016
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June 16, 2016

Entertainment Industries & Tech: How They Affect Each Other

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#WOCinTech Chat

The gradually improving nature of technology affects every industry which it comes into contact with. And the truth is – it comes into contact with a lot of them. No matter which way you look, you can see examples of how technology changes and adapts with various industries over time. In this post, we will be looking at a few entertainment industries, and how the technology they use has changed the nature of how things are done. Over the years, what kind of trends can we see developing? And what kind of technology looks likely for the future? Let’s take a look, now, at the main entertainment industries and their technological counterparts.


Video gaming is inextricably linked up with the technology it uses. That much goes without saying. But how exactly has gaming tech developed over the years? In this area, as in many others, what we see is a fairly rapid increase in processing power. This, in turn, has led to more and more complexity within the games being played, as well as more and more powerful machines on which to play them. In just under twenty years, the gaming industry has gone from 16-bit cartridge files with midi audio to alternate reality. Anybody would have to admit that this is quite a transformation. But what of the future? Well, it is likely that we will see a continued fascination with artificial realities. Where this will ultimately end up, however, is anyone’s guess.

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This is always going to remain a favourite pastime for many people around the globe, as it already has been for many years. Gambling has an intimate connection with technology, though one which is not as immediately obvious as with video gaming. The main way in which this industry has been affected is by a gradual widening of the various platforms which it utilizes. It used to be that you would visit a casino to play cards or the slot machines, and that was really your only option. Now, however, you can do very much the same, but from the comfort of your own home. Technology has made sure that you can Visit Maria Casino any time you like. This is great news for an entertainment industry of any kind.


The sports industry has an intricate connection to its technology, and it is one which is changing all the time. A lot of the technological advancement in sports have been related to playing itself. For example, cricket has seen more reliance upon its ‘fifth umpire’, which can give accurate readings of the situation. However, tech has also improved the private and practice sides of various sports. There is a machine which analyses your golf swing, for example, and gives you hints for improvements. In the future, it is likely that we will see more and more reliance on computerized referees of all kinds for many different sports. We can probably also expect the line between real sports and artificial gaming to be blurred.

Entertainment Industries & Tech: How They Affect Each Other

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