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“10 Mobile Apps You Should Know About” – created by African Americans

Alchomy App founder Amanda Spann and the startups Director of Engagement Sheena Allen

New mobile apps are seemingly being developed every day and they continue to impact every facet of our lives. From Pokémon GO creating cult-like followers to Snapchat photo filters changing the selfie game forever, the possibilities are endless for mobile technology.

Still, when many people think about tech CEOs, they rarely imagine a person of color. However, there are plenty of talented diverse tech founders who are creating amazing products.

Here are 10 mobile applications (created by African Americans) that we think you should definitely know about and use. From hairdressing and edutainment to a mobile job-matching app that facilitates diversity recruiting in tech companies, we think you’ll love our handpicked list.

Let us know your thoughts. And of course, if there are any other fabulous new apps our readers should know about, do share on our comments page.

1. Colour  

COLOUR is an on-demand, in-home hair care app focused on multicultural clients. The application enables women of color to get their hair done where they want, when they want, with a team of vetted stylists. Whether it’s a blowout at 7:30 am before work, or dispatching a stylist to her hospital room so she doesn’t have to, as one client said, “sit around looking crazy,” it’s like having a stylist on retainer! THINK: Uber for multi-cultural hair.” Payments are done securely within the app per service and the startup also offers a $200 a month membership to the COLOUR Club for unlimited services. Price: Free (Available for iPhone).

2. Blendoor

A pioneering ‘blind-recruiting‘ mobile application that facilitates job hiring based solely on merit. The app, geared toward promoting diversity in tech companies, does not allow hiring parties to see an applicant’s name, sex, or race during the early stages of the hiring process. Job seekers who use the application will only be shown positions that match their qualifications from companies that value diversity.

3. Alchomy

Alchomy App is a bar hopper’s best friend. The social drinking mobile application enables users to locate bars and explore cocktail recipes within the comfort of their own home. Available for free download, Alchomy creates a curated community where users explore adult beverages based on their tastes and location. It gives access to over 16,000 drink recipes and has a locator to help uncover the best bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges. Price: Free (Available for Android and iPhone).

Alchomy app

Alchomy app

4. Tell Me Who I Am Science Leaders

This kid-friendly app promotes learning and entertainment within an engaging interface. The interactive game inspires students to learn about the accomplishments of African-American and Latino science pioneers in a fun and entertaining way. The app is suitable for children of all ages, although mainly students 9 to 14, and is an interactive educational resource for the entire family to have fun while learning together. It can also be played without Wi-Fi connection. Price: $1.99 (Available for Android and iPhone).

5. Afro Emoji

The Afro Emoji app replaces standard emojis with a wide selection of emojis reflecting Africans dressed in traditional attire using popular local expressions and gestures. Afro Emoji founder Nigerian-American Ayoola Daramola said there was a gap in the market for authentic images representing the ever-increasing market of African mobile phone users. The app offers 50 characters in 300 different stickers and translates the expressions for Africans to better express themselves on social and digital platforms. Price: Free (Available for Android and iPhone).

6. Event Tent

Event Tent is a mobile app that allows users to share, discover, and experience a variety of live events. Event organizers can post and share events they are holding to gain more attendees, and eventgoers can share live videos of events they are experiencing to encourage anyone looking for fun. Co-founder and chief executive Justin McLeod says it’s a great tool to “know before you go” to events. Price: Free (Available iPhone).

Event Tent App

Event Tent App

7. Mixle

Mixle is a cool app that enables faster connections by matching people nearby who share similar thoughts or interests for an instant in-person meetup. It provides businesses, conference organizers, and event planners a unique way of servicing customers and providing value to attendees, enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue. The easy to use interface promotes in-person meet-ups for social or business purposes and even offers a feature to secretly help a user avoid an unwanted encounter. Price: Free (Available for Android and iPhone).

8. Partpic

Partpic is a visual recognition tool that simplifies the search for a specific part for a wide variety of industries by using visual technology. Users take a picture of a replacement part they need and the app shows the name and specifications of the part. Its software is available to businesses that sell parts in order to prevent wrong items from being delivered and makes buying specific parts more efficient.

9. Tuloko

The Yelp-like app gives consumers information at the tip of their fingers on black-owned or black-friendly businesses, curated news, and events, along with a chat messenger service that allows users to connect based on shared interests. It allows users to search, add, and support black-owned businesses and culturally tailored events and news. Price: Free (Available for iPhone)

10. On Second Thought

This is a brilliant app that makes regretting text messages a thing of the past. Founded by millennial Maci Peterson, this utility has a feature that allows users to cancel or edit a text message for up to 60 seconds after you press send. It also eliminates the issue drunk texters face with a “curfew” mode, which holds all text messages until the next morning for your sober review. (Available for Android and iPhone)

Video: Blendoor

Main Photo: Founder of Alchomy mobile app Amanda Spann with team member Sheena Allen