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Headed to Los Angeles on Business? Read This First

Headed to Los Angeles on Business? Read This First

Los Angeles is one of the most successful cities in the entire world. Only Tokyo and New York City beat it in terms of GDP. It’s an astonishingly well-connected and hard-working city. There is no bigger manufacturing center in all of America. The businesses of clothing and cars are ferociously big here, eclipsing other cities in those sectors. Sure, when people think of startups, they may think of Silicon Valley, which is elsewhere in California. But the startup scene is still incredibly successful in Los Angeles, with companies like Snapchat and Tinder based here.

Long story short, it’s a great business city. But most people don’t talk about Los Angeles in this sort of context. Sure, they know it’s a successful, affluent city, and so must have a strong business game. But people only ever think of its business as entertainment. There’s the thriving film industry, of course. Gaming is also big in Los Angeles, with Naughty Dog and Activision setting up home here. (The E3 exhibition has also been taking place here for twenty-one years.)

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People rarely talk about its more hardcore business credentials. As thoroughly observed in the opening paragraph of this article, Los Angeles is one of the best business cities in the world. So it’s hardly surprising that its one of the most popular cities for business trips.

If you’re headed to Los Angeles on a business trip, read this first.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Los Angeles is egregiously expensive when it comes to accommodation. And, to be fair, it’s hardly the cheapest city in America. But many hotel owners in the city know that business trips make up the bulk of their business. For a night in a business hotel, you’re probably looking at spending around $200-250. On the surface, it isn’t exactly peanuts. But this is actually much cheaper than the average night in a business hotel in NYC or San Francisco. Be sure to look specifically at business hotels!

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You’ve probably heard quite a lot about the traffic in Los Angeles. It’s true that it can be pretty brutal. Still, if you’re on business, the road is the best way to get around. Using the Metro simply doesn’t give you the edge you may need if you’re impressing clients. Cabs are great, but might not give you that same edge you’re looking for. It’s best to look into car hire. This could be a vehicle you’re driving yourself, but you could also look into getting a driver. If you really want to go all out to impress a business associate, you could look into a modern limousine servicer.


It may not seem, at first glance, that someone would need a guide to entertainment in Los Angeles. But there are two problems. One is that there is a dizzying variety of available entertainment. The second is that not all the entertainment is particularly unique or sophisticated. But all you need to do is check out entertainment guides from less mainstream sources. You’ll find something more refined for you and any business associates in no time!

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