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August 18, 2016
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Security And Safety Features That All Offices Need

The Powerful Solutions Behind Keeping The Workplace Safe

It is super important not to overlook your office safety. After all, all your important and sensitive contracts and agreements will be stored in your office. And it is important not just anyone can get their hands on these. But there are also some security features that will help keep you and your staff safe at work. So what should you consider when you are reviewing your office’s safety and security features? These are some of the main ones.

Get The Right Insurance

You should have insurance for your workspace. There are different ones you can get to cover you for various aspects of office security. One of the main ones covers you for any damage that occurs to the building. These policies also pay out in the case of any breakages inside the workspace. You can also get policies to cover your staff in the case of accidents. Getting your office fully insured is important to protect your finances if the office suffers from any severe damage.

Surveillance Cameras

Offices are under threat from intruders who will enter the premise to try and steal money or expensive equipment. There is no way to totally prevent a break in, but you can try and deter thieves by adding surveillance cameras and CCTV to the exterior of your property. Once a potential burglar spots the cameras, he or she will not be so keen to try and get inside! It can also be worth adding surveillance cameras inside your office. Much like with bugging a home, whoever breaks into your office will be recorded.

Access Control Systems

The best way to keep your employees safe from intruders is to add an access control system to your office’s entrance. This helps by giving you complete control over who enters your office. There are different types of access control systems. Some need a code keying into them to unlock them. The only people who should have the code are employees. Other systems are like intercom systems, and anyone wishing to enter will have to buzz through. Your secretary will be able to see who is there in a video and can open the door with a push of a button.

Entrances Need To Be Visible And Unobstructed

All of the entrances into your office need to be visible and clearly marked. That way, if there is ever a fire, all your employees will know where to go to leave the building. All entrances should also be clear from any obstructions. Especially fire exits. Ensure that it is quick and easy for everyone to exit the office in the event of a fire to help ensure your staff’s safety. Carrying out a regular fire drill can help you see just how accessible your exits are.

No One Should Work Alone

If an employee wants to do some overtime, it is better for them to take the work home with them. This way, they won’t be working alone in the office. That way, you know that all your sensitive data is safe from prying eyes. It also protects the employee from potential intruders.

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