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August 19, 2016
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August 22, 2016

How You Look After The Physical Side Of Your Business

Nowadays, a lot of the focus on looking after a business comes down to the tech side. How do you keep it efficient? How do you secure your tech? How do you look after your data? Those are important concerns but don’t forget the whole other side of your business. The physical side. Below, we’re going to look at the physical aspects of looking after the business. The premises and the employees.

The building itself

The premises is an important part of enabling you to do work and keep people in a safe environment. It can also be a huge cost if it’s not looked after properly. For example, if it’s not heated and insulated well, it can lead to damp and mold. Take the time to look over the building itself from time to time and identify leaks or damage. If you’re seeing water damage or damp from above, for example. It’s cost-effective and good for the health of the team to get a commercial roofing team to look at it. Similarly, you need to look through the plumbing and electrics from time to time.


It’s not just the elements and wear and tear that can be a danger to your business. Criminal activity is a very real possibility. Your security approach should take two steps. Deterrence and reaction. CCTVs are a good option for both. They help you identify and report trouble, as well as serving as a very visual warning for criminals. You should also keep doors, windows and other entrances fortified more than your average building. After all, businesses are more valuable than other buildings and potential thieves know that.

How You Look After The Physical Side Of Your Business

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Preventing injury

Your employees are an important part of that physical side of the business as well. So the workplace should be as safe a place for them as it can be. For one, test your fire alarms and run drills to train them in the event of a real emergency. Then create a safety code alongside the employees you need to keep safe. Identify risks like tripping hazards or chairs or drawers that might be in need of repair or replacement. Keep everyone clued up and involved and make sure some staff have a role as safety deputies.


It isn’t just a sudden injury that can prove a risk to your people, either. Rather, there are long-term effects you should be aware of. Two of the most common physical problems in offices are repetitive strain injury and eyestrain. Ergonomic equipment and maximizing light in the office are two simple investments that can reduce those risks. Give your employees the opportunity to take a break from their usual positions, too. For example, send them out for a supply run. Remaining in one position for too long isn’t good for anyone’s health. Finally, keep an eye out for signs of suffering mental health as well. Stress is a very real and very harmful condition. If you can help an employee fight it, then do so.
We hope that these points highlight some tips to a safer, healthier office that you can take next. Don’t neglect the very real wellness of your business.

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