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4 Actionable & Practical SEO Tactics for your Startup

4 Actionable & Practical SEO Tactics for your Startup

Being new is not always easy, especially online, where everybody seems to have 5000 or more followers. Even if your startup or small business is a year old, it is not uncommon to still be struggling with its online presence. Here are some tips and practical steps you can take to not only boost your SEO rankings but also become more visible on the internet in general:

  • Optimize your web page with latest guidelines

  • Create awesome content and share it

  • Develop an app

  • Build links

Optimize your web page

If you have any type of website online currently, you need to make sure that it is following the best practices set out by Google. Basically, it means you need to format all your articles, pages, products, or other websites correctly, but more than that, it means improving and expanding your already existing content.

Make sure you link out to your other pages from inside the main article pages, use anchor texts with caution, and in general use only 1 H1 tag on each page, up to 5 H2 tags, and no more than 15 header tags on any given page in total. A small, rarely shared tip is to add a title to your logo link with the main keyword you want to rank for.

Share your great content

Now that you have made sure all your websites are optimized for structure, keywords and source code, you can go ahead and plan a strategy for how to best take advantage of the social media. Many people have spent valuable time trying to like everybody in hopes of getting a like back, but that is hardly the most cost-effective way to go about social media.

If your website’s social media profiles are low on followers and likes, you can try to find other social profiles with a large audience, and write to them, sharing your best pieces of work. If you are lucky, just one retweet or Facebook share from a large media can really give you awesome traffic to your sales, and imagine if other people start re-sharing that post!

App developing

How many apps do you have installed on your phone right this moment? I guess more than 20. Most people have more than 10, and the budget in the app development market has been rumored to exceed that of even the Hollywood movie industry.

You can take advantage of this bulging craze with apps and develop your own. You don’t need to spend money on an app if you are of the do-it-yourself type. Today there are plenty of totally free and open source options for applications, and with some of them, you don’t need to know any code at all, you just need a great idea.


The main results are still coming from extensive link building. This is a highly debated topic in the world of SEO’s, but the fact of the matter is that Google is basing much of their ranking algorithm on the quality of the backlinks. Please note that buying 1000 links on Fiverr will not work at all. You need quality and authority, not quantity.

How to build links depends on your type of website, e-commerce stores generally have a hard time producing links unless they have unique products, so often they turn to blogging or paying for sponsored articles. If you have interesting products, videos, images or other content, you will find link building much easier.

Mark Pederson has been online since 1998. Today he works in Digital Marketing, currently employed at Nodes, an app development agency. Follow Mark Pederson on Twitter @markpedersendk