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September 7, 2016
The Importance of Dealing with the Media When You Run a Business- newspaper-news-media-press
The Importance of Dealing with the Media When You Run a Business
September 7, 2016

6 Geekalicious PR Tips to Boost SEO Results

Revealed: What Makes A Great Product Great? #WOCinTech Chat SEO

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Were you an early adopter of SEO whose startup website is racking up high PageRank cred on popular search engines such as Google and Bing? You go Geekz!

Even if you’re just beginning to implement your search engine optimization strategy (SEO), hang in there, you’ll soon reap similar results. Whether you’re a novice or an established online platform, SEO is crucial to helping potential customers locate your site quickly, enabling them to conduct business with you sooner.

Who doesn’t want more visitors and sales? But there’s more to SEO results than link building and on-site optimization. Did you know whenever there’s press coverage on your app, platform, or company brand, there’s also a far greater chance your site will rank higher in search results? Take a look at these benefits of supplementing your SEO strategy with press coverage:

  1. Google algorithms are regularly updated to improve how users experience finding topics in search results. It’s much easier now to better identify ‘entities’ in ways that connect a link to a business mentioned in an article on specific subjects. It also attributes more authority to companies that have been mentioned on online media platforms.
  1. Getting press coverage for a company usually comes with backlinks embedded in the article. Since Google’s algorithms assign a tremendous value to high authority articles from high authority journalists linking to your website, any press coverage on your firm will help you rank higher in search results.
  1. Readers tend to trust editorial content over ads, which means you’ll derive more sales from the media coverage you receive. So, not only will your SEO strategy lead to sales and increased traffic, it will also add value to your brand from the high authority articles written about your company.
  1. If you manage paid advertising budgets, press coverage generated traffic from high authority articles can be leveraged to augment much better conversion rates, with future ads.
  1. Once you obtain links to the press articles, you can multiply the impact of that link simply by sharing it via your social platforms and engaging influencers in ways you couldn’t do before.

Also, keep in mind that with media comes the satisfaction of obtaining top tier press coverage for your brand and company. Combine this with the credibility you’ll obtain for your brand, and increased awareness among influencers, investors, and consumers. Anyway, you look at it, press coverage and SEO go hand-in-hand.

Lori Shepherd is the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide. Her company is based in Oakland, California. She spent 15+ years as an in-house PR professional working for Silicon Valley technology companies including Hewlett Packard, Intuitive Surgical, and Guide by Cell. After forming her company, she has worked on the accounts of brands including Blitzify, Grammarlt.com FMSI, VentureFund.io, SkyChildCare, Nobody Cares Go Harder, the Points of Light Foundation, the Association of Women In Science, Local Futures, PrivacyAtlas, and numerous other. 

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    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd is a contributor for UrbanGeekz. She is also the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide.