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Your Workplace Isn’t As Safe And Secure As You Think It Is: Here’s What To Do About It

Your Workplace Isn't As Safe And Secure As You Think It Is: Here's What To Do About It

Like it or not, we live in a dangerous world. But all too often, the violence and disasters we see on television don’t translate over to our real lives as business people.

This needs to change.

As a business leader, the safety and security of the people you employ is paramount to your success and reputation. A company with a poor safety and security record faces a backlash both from customers and the authorities.

Here, we’ve put together some safety principles for a safer workplace for you and your team. Check this out.

Provide Basic Self-Defense Courses To All Employees

Losing members of your team to violence is a terrible tragedy. That’s why some employers are taking extreme action and helping their employees prepare for violence in advance. Self-defense courses contribute to cut the number of adverse outcomes from violent interactions for your employees. They also help to boost employee morale and give your company a reputation as one that takes care of its workers.

Find Leaders In Your Team

When an emergency does occur, you need people you can trust to sort the issue out. That means finding people that are level-headed under pressure, even when things get seriously out of control. You need people who can get involved in workplace security and transform it from a solo endeavour to a team effort.

Prevent Falls At All Costs

Falls, slips, and trips are among the top reasons why people get injured at work. If you’re in construction, mining or contracting, you’ll know how dangerous it can be. Always consult with a fall arrest specialist to find out where your employees are at risk. Ensure that you erect barriers in all the places where falls could occur.

Come To Terms With The Fact That Your Workplace Isn’t As Secure As You Think It Is

Workplaces are potentially very dangerous places. In fact, over two million people in the US alone are injured at work every year. The fact of the matter is that sooner or later, a tragedy will occur at your place of work and you have to be prepared for that. Often people say things like “I couldn’t have imagined it happening here.” But that’s just their normalcy bias getting in the way of their ability to reason. Just because your business is peaceful 99 percent of the time, doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong in the future. It can and will.

Some advice? Don’t live in denial about your security situation. Inaction is the best way to put your business at risk.

Find Experts Who Know How To Defend A Business

Keeping a business secure isn’t just about locking it up at night. There are dozens of ways to keep a business secure and deter criminals. That’s why it’s such a good idea to find a law enforcement or private security expert who can coach you. Often, the safest way to run a business isn’t intuitive. Don’t be afraid to make inquiries and ask experts what works best. Perhaps you need to invest in security lights or bring materials inside at the end of the day.

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