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Top Tips For Throwing The Best Office Party

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Office Party

Christmas festivities are upon us again – don’t they seem to come around fast? If you’ve drawn the short straw and put yourself in charge of organizing the office party, it can seem like a mammoth task. Here are some top tips for creating an event that everyone loves.

Choose a great venue

The venue is a vital part of what makes a great party – too big and you can feel like you’re bouncing off the walls, and too small, and you’ll all be cramped and sweaty. Nobody wants to get that close to their colleagues. Your venue should reflect who you are as a company, as well as your staff. If you’re a young team, consider hiring a cool modern bar. If you’d prefer something classier, a restaurant or hall function room could be better.

Personalize the room

Don’t just let it seem like any old office party – it’s a party for your company, and you should be proud of that. Branded balloons, chocolates, napkins, and anything else you can think of scream “we’re proud of this company” and make the event feel much more exclusive. Keep your color scheme in line with your company branding too, so that the theme runs throughout the event.

Keep the alcohol flowing

If your company can stretch to it, an open bar will ensure everyone gets merry and has a good laugh. After all, your staff has worked hard for you for a whole year, why not give them a reward? It doesn’t have to be all night either, just a couple of hours of an open bar will ensure the party gets started successfully.

Serve food

Even if you’re not planning a full sit-down meal, it’s worth having some hors d’oeuvres knocking around on platters for anyone that gets peckish. It also makes the party feel more opulent and looks generous to any visitors.

Have an after-plan

Once the party is over, some people probably won’t want to go home right away. Develop a plan that involves a nightclub so that people can keep on partying until the small hours. It avoids that awkward point at the end of the night where everyone is trying to decide what to do and where to go.

Say thank you

At the end of the party, ensure you thank all your guests for attending. Small corporate gifts are great ways to say thank you, and give them something to take away with them that also advertises the company. It doesn’t have to be much, just a branded pen in an attractive display box or a yearly diary with the company’s branding.

An office party is all about thanking your staff for their hard work throughout the year and encouraging them to let their hair down and enjoy each other’s company. It builds staff morale and strengthens teams, as well as giving them the opportunity to relax a bit before the new year starts. Focus on being generous, while also showing your pride in the company image and ethos.

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