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A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce: Getting The Best Out Of Your Team

#WOCinTech Chat

#WOCinTech Chat

It’s no secret that a happy workforce is more productive. If you hate your job, you’re probably not going to give your all on a daily basis. As a business owner, it should be your priority to make sure your team is as happy and healthy as possible. You want to get the best out of every individual to keep your company moving in the right direction. If you’re eager to boost morale and create a healthy, happy environment, here are some tips.

Your working environment

Next time you’re in the office, look around you. Look at the space your employees occupy every day. Is it inspiring? Is everyone comfortable? Does it scream creativity? If not, it’s time to do something about it. It can be hard enough to come up with brilliant ideas and get through a long day at the best of times. If you’re staring at blank walls and chipped paintwork, your job is going to even more difficult.

As an employer, try and create an environment, which promotes productivity. Let in natural light, and invest in technology, which aids your employers. Make sure people feel comfortable and they have the right equipment to do their job safely. Focus on the visual appeal of the space, but don’t forget the practicalities. Quirky colored plastic chairs may look funky. But you don’t want employees taking time off because they’ve got crippling back pain. Have a look through some magazines and check out interior sites online to get some ideas for designs and colorways. Create interest with wall art and scatter some pot plants around. Research shows that plants can boost productivity. If you have an office with limited natural light, consider putting in additional windows. Working in a dark space can make you feel tired and zap your enthusiasm levels.

Try and invest in your employees’ health and wellbeing. You don’t have to slave over a hot stove to make healthy meals or pay for gym membership. But you can take steps to encourage positive habits. You could include discounts on health center fees or provide vending machines with healthy snacks, for example.

#WOCinTech Chat

#WOCinTech Chat


Most of us work better with a team around us. If you run a business, try and underline the importance of teamwork. Encourage colleagues to interact with each other and make use of each other’s skills and talents. Arrange regular staff meetings, and urge people to speak up and share their views. Not everyone likes to socialize with colleagues in their spare time. But lots of people do. Set up a five-a-side soccer team, or organize regular meals out and drinks after work. Team building days and activities can also help. Try and make an effort when you have new members. The sooner they settle in, the better for everyone. Popular teambuilding activities include obstacle courses, problem-solving, and communication workshops. It can also be a great idea to get everyone involved in charity challenges, such as bake sales or cycle rides.

A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce: Getting The Best Out Of Your Team

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Rewarding hard work and ensuring employees feel valued

Do you work all hours without receiving any thanks? Even if you’re the hardest worker out there, your motivation levels may drop if you feel undervalued. It’s essential for bosses to make sure their workers know that the effort they put in is appreciated. What’s the point in spending hours on a piece of work to get nothing in return? You don’t have to shower your team with gifts and bonuses. But you should always recognize commitment and reward loyalty and hard work.

There are lots of ways you can boost morale and express gratitude. Have you been working to a deadline? Has your team worked all hours to get something done at short notice? Have you won a new contract or expanded in the last few months? Are sales going through the roof? If so, your employees deserve a treat.

One way of rewarding dedication is to host a team event. Are you thinking about what to do for Christmas? Or are you preparing for a celebration, such as marking your first year in business? If so, why not plan something spectacular to treat the team and celebrate in style? Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you have to go the same old restaurant for your staff meal. This year, why not do something different? You could hire an event space and organize a party, for example. Get some caterers on board, hire a live band and choose a theme. Do something nobody is expecting, like booking a fire show or getting professional dancers in. Generate a buzz about the event in the weeks leading up to the party by dropping hints and giving ideas about the dress code. A corporate event with a difference will give people something to look forward to. Everyone will also be in high spirits when they return to work.

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Encouraging communication

Communication is key to getting the best out of your employees. Are you sure they know what they’re doing? Are they able to ask questions if they are unsure? Are you accessible and approachable? Do they feel comfortable coming to you if there’s an issue? If the answer is yes to these questions, then that’s great news. But if it’s not, there may be a barrier you’re not even aware of. Try and encourage your employees to talk to you. Visit the office frequently, and arrange catch-ups. Informal talks are usually much less daunting than more formal affairs. It’s also beneficial to have an open door policy.

A Happy Workforce Is A Productive Workforce: Getting The Best Out Of Your Team

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Every employer wants to get the best out of their workforce. If everyone is giving every task their best shot, you have a much higher chance of success. To achieve this goal, you need to make sure that your workforce is happy. If everyone’s content, they’ll give you more. If your employees are unsettled, bored, or unhappy, you won’t get as much out of them. If something isn’t right, try and identify issues and their causes. Talk to your team, and listen to what they’re saying to you. Create a working environment, which promotes creativity and provides inspiration and motivation. Encourage staff members to work together. Be sociable, and emphasize the importance of teamwork. Treat your team when they’ve worked hard. Take them for a meal to say thank you when you’ve hit a deadline. Or go for broke with a spectacular office party for Christmas. If your workers feel valued, they’ll try their best for you, and you can’t ask for more than that.

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