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January 4, 2017
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Home Protection Ideas for a Safe 12 Months
January 5, 2017

Staff Members Your Business Should Outsource

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Running a business requires juggling a lot of different roles and using a lot of different skills. Whilst most of us like to think of ourselves as multi-talented jack-of-all-trades, the reality is that we’re not. Most of us are specialists, and hiring other specialists to do the jobs we’re not good at is a great way of focusing on our own talents and getting more work done as a result. Of course, hiring full-time staff for such roles is expensive. Outsourcing can dramatically cut costs. Here are some staff members that you should outsource.


If figures aren’t your forte and you’re finding yourself spending too much time calculating taxes and expenses, why not find an accountant that can take away the stress. Accountants are amongst the most common staff members outsourced by businesses. Even financially savvy business owners may hire an accountant simply to free up the time that a tax return can take. Find an accountant that has had previous experience in your field of work – they may even be able to advise you on various expenses you weren’t aware of.


Managing staff can also be a time-consuming business, especially if hours are flexible and change on a weekly basis. Some companies may outsource someone to write up a weekly rota – also processing sick leave and holiday requests.

Sometimes simply having to be the 24-hour point of call for your staff can be draining. So that you can enjoy your free time (or without being constantly disturbed), why not set up a centralized attendance hotline. Then someone else can deal with staff ringing in sick and absence requests.


Another role that takes a lot of time and know-how is marketing. The internet has brought a whole new dimension to the field and is constantly evolving, making it highly recommended to hire a professional when dealing with such areas as SEO and web design. Even if you own your own marketing company, there may be specialist areas that you need help in. There are even companies that can take over your social media.


Whilst all offices should encourage staff to tidy up after themselves, expecting staff to clean toilets, hoover and spring clean might be a step too far. Even if it’s once a week, having some cleaners come in can keep your office hygienic and presentable. Some offices may also book a day once a year for a deep clean in which every nook and cranny can be thoroughly cleaned.


You may be a dab hand at DIY but sometimes it pays to bring in the professionals, especially when it comes to electrics and using tools that may not be covered by your insurance if something goes wrong. You certainly shouldn’t let other staff members do the job (you don’t want to get sued if they suffer an accident). Have handymen on call that can help with plumbing, electrics, and repairs. You may also want to outsource a computer technician now and again to fix any faults that your computers are likely to have.  

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