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Awesome Accessories For The Techy Cyclist

Awesome Accessories For The Techy Cyclist

Like the eternal child, all of us gadget-addicts are, I absolutely adore cycling. You get a potent sense of freedom and fluidity you simply don’t get behind the wheel of a car, and every time you ride a bike there’s the reassurance that you’re getting your exercise in, and saving a lot of money on gas. If you’re wondering what to do with all the money you’ve saved by not driving, here are some great gadgets and accessories for your bike.

Laser Light

Although there’s a lot of benefits to cycling, there’s also a certain degree of danger. You’re much harder to see than when you’re in a car, especially when you’re riding at night. You should already have a light mounted on your handlebars, but a laser light will make you that much safer. As you’ve probably guessed, these project a laser onto the road as well as a white light, which shows up better under headlights and street lamps.

Smart Lock

Your chain may have been doing alright so far, but modern technology has allowed us to make our beloved bikes that much safer. These smart locks like the ones from Linka will send a notification to your phone if they sense someone trying to force them open, and allow you to scare would-be thieves off with an ear-splitting alarm. Even if the thief does manage to carry your bike off, the lock has a GPS locator which will help you catch up with them or tip off law enforcement. This can also be pretty handy if you forget where you parked the thing on a particularly heavy night out!

Mounted iPad Sleeve

Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you ride around at high speeds while you look at your handlebars browsing Facebook! However, being able to play music, glance down at a map, and record yourself on the go can be very useful. These iPad sleeves from brands like Thule allow you to mount your tablet to the handlebars of your bike or indoor trainer, and use all its features through a clear cover. Many of them are also completely waterproof and designed to absorb shocks if it accidentally comes loose.

Smart Pedals

Subtle and stylish in appearance, smart pedals come with a range of handy GPS-based features. As soon as you start pedaling with one, sensors in the pedal turn on and begin tracking the bicycle’s route. It will also measure your speed and inclines, showing you exactly how hard you pushed yourself (or how easy you were going on yourself!) throughout your journey with an auxiliary app. The data’s all contained in the pedal, so there’s no need to bring your phone or tablet with you for every single trip. They’re also powered by the kinetic energy of pedaling, so you’ll never have to worry about charging. This is the perfect accessory if you’re trying to meet certain fitness targets using your bicycle.

If you’re a massive tech nerd, and your bike just wasn’t looking the part, consider buying a few of these great accessories.

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