Pay Up! Collecting Cash To Keep Your Business Running
Pay Up! Collecting Cash To Keep Your Business Running
February 3, 2017
Key Considerations When Choosing an Office for Your Company
Key Considerations When Choosing an Office for Your Company
February 3, 2017

Haven’t You Heard? Everything Cool Was Made By A “Nerd”

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It’s become all too common for coding, programming, and excessive computer knowhow to be associated with nerdiness, having an “antisocial” personality and just generally being uncool. Of course, the tide of change is looking promising. As technology continues to grow and expand, a certain truth is becoming prevalent amongst society: those “nerds” aren’t nerds at all. They’re the future of technology.

All those cool things we use on a day-to-day basis, and all those things which we couldn’t live without, in some of the most industries on earth, depend on intelligent programmers, designers, creatives and professionals with technological mindsets who help develop some of the greatest digital solutions on earth. Everything from the phone, tablet or computer on which you’re reading this to the social (yes, not “antisocial”) networks on which you and your friends share every last detail of your lives. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to value technology in the modern age and well into our futures, here are some incredible ways that computers and programming have revolutionized the world.

Online shopping

First of all, the internet in general obviously depends on coding. I’m sure everybody knows that, but it’s easy to forget what that means. It’s easy to forget that, without those nerdy coders in classrooms, the magnitude of the internet and all the incredible things it can offer wouldn’t even exist as a concept in our minds. One thing which has definitely revolutionized the lives of most people is online shopping.

Remember the days when you had to spend hours doing the weekly shop? Remember the hours you spent searching for the perfect dress in a retail store for that one night out? Well, I don’t. I’m not sure I even want to remember a time before the convenience of online shopping. Anything we want is now at our fingertips. It saves us the time of searching for that ideal item because a simple Google search can pull up anything you want and tell you where to get it from. It’s hard to remember a time when that wasn’t the case, but it wouldn’t be so without programming or the advancements of technology in general.

Even healthcare depends on coding

You likely already knew that coding and programming lay behind your favorite websites, so it’s no great epiphany for you that “nerds” are to thank for the internet. Of course, there are so many more serious applications of coding and programming in the real world; applications which save lives.

The healthcare industry has been transformed by modern technology, and there’s no doubt about that. Not only has equipment improved, but the means for people to learn and enter the healthcare profession has been made easier by the internet. You might want to consider some of the medical billing and coding programs out there if you’re wondering how you could use coding to pursue a career in medical reporting.

Perceptions have changed, of course. Whilst coding and programming was a hobby stereotyped as “for boys”, there are movements to encourage girls to pursue coding careers. It’s important for all of us, however, to remember the importance of coding in all technological devices we use, as the people who help create these things help to create a safer, smarter world within which we can all live.

Main Image: #WOCinTech Chat