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If you’re running an online business, then it’s essential that you make it as easy as possible for online users to visit your website. It’s not enough just to create a stellar website with all the right trimmings; that’ll work when your site is initially launched, but it’ll become obsolete pretty quickly if it’s not tweaked regularly to ensure the site is the best it can be. Having a website that is fresh has benefits that include improving customer engagement, helping boost search engine rankings, and so on. Here are four ways to help you do it.

Adding New Sections

One of the easiest ways to give your website a freshening up is to add new sections. You can incorporate a blog or news section in your website in no time at all, and they can have a real impact on the number of visitors you have. For example, did you know that a website that blogs several times a month is likely to receive as many as four times the amount of visitors as the websites who don’t blog at all? That’s a lot of eyeballs coming to your site, and they might just click around and use your services if they like what they see.

Paying Attention to Google

When you first setup your website, you will have paid close attention to its SEO credentials and how your site will look on Google when you use its PPC services. But here’s the thing: the methods you applied there will likely no longer apply, because Google are always shifting how they operate. PPC experts Clicteq explain how to make the most of Google’s new expanded text ads, so take a look and see where your text could do with a freshening up. If you’re not staying on top of your PPC and SEO, then you run the risk of falling behind for reasons that could be easily avoided.

Revisiting Your Old Text

The essential text you put on your site is its bread and butter, but now that months or years have passed, that bread and butter is out of date. As such, it’ll pay to revisit the content you currently have on your site and give it a freshening by adding, editing, or removing content. This is especially relevant for the ‘about’ and ‘contact us’ pages, as these two vital pieces of information have probably changed since they were first screened, especially if you’ve been making progress with your company. Talking of which….

What Are Your Customers Saying?

It is still surprising how more small online businesses don’t make the most of their customer testimonials. In the online world, you need every advantage you’ve got, and if you’re delivering a great service then that’s probably your star asset! If you’re not actively doing so, then try and solicit feedback from the customers you work with, and then put up their glowing reviews for potential clients to see. It could be the difference between someone using your services or not. You’ve already done the hard work for your customer, you may as well get more than just their money for your efforts.

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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