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How to Give Your Website a Unique Identity

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Are you looking to make your website truly unique, as well as have a brand that is completely your own? If this is the case, there are some tools of the trade that you can use moving forward that will make it simple to create a memorable and engaging website to attract new customers – or at least gain some interest and get a conversation started.

Begin with a Blank Canvas

First off, you are going to want to have a blank canvas. The easiest way to come up with an amazing website design is to begin with the details, instead of with the content and layout structure. Make sure that you do not set the background to white, as that may shape what you end up going with for your final product. Also, you should avoid doing anything with a wireframe layout to start.

It will be quite surprising to you when you work on a small detail, that this will in turn lead to even more great ideas. It is these little things that spark creativity, so you are certain to be unstoppable once you begin.

Avoid Using a Pre-Described Layout

Need an interesting way in which to display your web content? Well, you should consider using a grid system. They are convenient and easy to set up, and make it possible to maintain website projects without a hassle. Also, they are great when it comes to improving consistency and usability of the page layouts. This is an especially good idea if you have a mainstream target audience.

If you prefer to step outside of your comfort zone with layout types, you may want to give CSS3 and HTML5 a try. If you aren’t experienced in web design, you will actually find that there are website builders that are HTML-5 powered. Creating a Web Eden website would cover this for you and would still give you room to create a unique identity on your site, that doesn’t look templated.

Stay Away from Looking at Inspiration Elsewhere

This can really be a difficult one. If you are uncertain where you should start with a web page design, you may want to look at design galleries or sites that have done well. However, this will not help you to make a unique design. Challenge yourself to come up with something, and then if you want inspiration after hitting a block, you can get the creative juices flowing by looking around some.

By sitting there and brainstorming up your own ideas, you will come up with something that may fall short of amazing. Just think of it this way – this is crucial for your learning process and to boost your creativity.

Do Something New By Putting on Constraints

Many of us prefer to stay with the tried and true methods, as it is more efficient and quicker. However, this can make your web design practice stagnant. Come up with unique constraints so that you can have new ideas and create a brilliant design that your audience will love.

If you want to use a service for developing an amazing website, you should do your research. There are thousands of people who have ideas in mind and just need some more inspiration and assistance.



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