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March 28, 2017
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March 28, 2017

Tips To Make The Most Of Your Money

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Money makes the world go around. They say it can’t buy you happiness, but it can certainly make life a lot more bearable. It means more to some people than others, yet you cannot get away from the fact that more money means fewer woes and less stress. There are all sorts of ways you can make more money, or indeed save more money. Certain ones may be inapplicable to you, where others may be right up your street. Some people can manage money better than others. This could be due to lack of foresight or knowledge, or maybe they have other things to worry about and can’t spend too much time thinking about money considerations. As such, there are little lifts available for you that don’t take too much investigation and minimal thought process. This isn’t an article that specializes in talking you through stocks or investment, instead, it helps you make some money in little and accessible ways that are not too invasive into you time and life. However, some do take some time on your part. You may have heard of some of these tips, but read on in any case for further clarity.

Always Double Check Product Prices

This is a total must. If you don’t do this then you need to start doing it. Always double check prices. If you don’t you are putting yourself close to being ripped off or missing out on some key deals. Check online. Find the product you want and search for it in google. You will find other prices for it, make sure to take postage and packaging into account too. If you can’t find any price anywhere else then you could look for some coupon deals which could get you a percentage off certain products or things like free deliveries. Companies use these products to entice other people to purchase from them, but they sometimes get out to the wider public. You can find some examples at Remember to be patient and always check whether there are codes to use. This coupled with finding the cheapest product in the first case can be quite the potent mixture. Use it wisely.

Compare Utilities

Gas and electric are quite expensive. You can mitigate the cost by switching to competitors. It is so much easier than you think. You can compare the costs and find the best deals possible. If you have never switched provider before then you are likely going to make a huge saving. Even if you have switched you can still make a good saving. Ensure you do this as often as possible. Check out the prices and price freezes too, it can help inform your decision. Sometimes the providers will buy each other out which means you have nothing to lose if you are still under contract in some way shape or form. It is worth a look, comparing takes seconds in the grand scheme of things and can save you hundreds. If you are unsure about it consider getting some advice from someone who has already done it. They can talk you through it and help you out.

Be Savvy With A Credit Card

Some people just can’t manage credit cards. Others can. For those of you who can then there are some great money savings to be had. If you need to buy something that is quite pricey, like a laptop or a holiday, then certain credit cards offer some crazy savings such as great cashback offers up to twenty percent. This can offset the amount you pay for the product. You can then pay the credit card off at your own pace knowing full well you have saved money. You can either pay monthly or pay it off in one lump sum. Again, before getting a credit card make sure you compare them all first. Some are better than others in terms of deals to be had. Also, ensure you have a good credit rating and that you can properly use a card before committing to it. If you have little restraint then it could get you into more trouble than you think.

Make Money From Your Passion

A great way to make a little bit of extra money is turning your passion into a second revenue stream. It all depends on what your passion is, but there are usually ways you can monetize it if you think it through with care. There are many examples to take inspiration from. If you like baking, perhaps you can bake cakes for birthday parties. If you enjoy writing then freelance as a writer and make some additional cash. There are all kinds of ways you can change up your revenue streams and take in more money. Always be on the lookout and be ready to pounce, there are other people like you out there who will make the most of the money if you are unwilling to do so. If you have some extra time, then assign it to this. It won’t feel too much like work because you are still engaging with your passion.

Sell Clutter Online

If you have things laying around doing nothing think about selling it. You can use the money to buy something better and nicer, or bank it and enjoy your new found space. You can make a decent bit of money here too depending on what you sell. It is mostly old DVD’s, games, CDs and the like. Books are also easy to sell on too. Selling these kinds of items make you a modest income but they also enable you to clear out vast swathes of space. The money accrued goes up when you look at other items you could potentially sell, like unused designer clothing. Don’t sell anything you would regret, make sure you are sure. This can give you a little financial spurt of cash which can help you out in awkward situations where you need some extra money, though it is not a tenable way to get cash all the time so bear that in mind if you think about selling your items.



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