To B2B or Not to Be
To B2B or Not to Be
April 11, 2017
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Tech Influencers To Meet in Silicon Valley to Advance Diversity and Inclusion
April 12, 2017

What To Remember When You’re Setting Up Your Own Tech Business

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Setting up your own business is one of the best ways to feel independent. Not only do you get to control the direction of your business, but you also get to be your own boss and make your own day to day decisions. Here are some tips on what you should remember if you’re considering setting up your own tech business…

Make Sure You Stay Ahead Of The Game

First of all, especially when it comes to technology businesses, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. Complacency can absolutely kill a business – if you assume that you know everything already then frankly you’re already doomed to failure! It’s important that you keep learning and that you keep developing your ideas and your technology so that you can work with as many different clients as you possibly can and so that you keep on top of current events. The most interesting and learned people are the ones who stay curious about everything.

Be A Good Boss

If you’re employing anyone then the best way to make sure that they work well for you is to be a good boss. The easiest way to do that is by listening to them and by providing a good atmosphere for them to work in. The best way to make sure that employees are happy to work for you and to do their best for you is to be fair with them – pay them fairly, praise them for their hard work, and make sure that they see you as someone who’s transparent and open with them.

Stay Careful And Take Precautions

Make sure that you’re as careful as possible. Things like insurance might seem like a waste of money but if anything happens then you’ll be incredibly relieved that you bought insurance for your office or that instead of completely dismissing it, you sat down to research ‘what is public liability insurance?’ before realizing that it’s actually something that’s incredibly vital for any business owner to possess. Cover your bases by taking out insurance – it’ll help you feel much more relaxed about your company and making sure that even if the worst happens you’ll be protected.

Keep Communicating With Your Clients

It’s important to remember that your relationships with your clients will be one of the most important things that you have and often what keeps your company alive. The biggest asset that small companies have over big companies is often the quality of customer care that they can provide, so it’s important that you maintain that and that you’re careful to make sure that your clients think of you as someone that they can trust and who will give them the personal touch in their interactions with you. A lot of people are scared off from huge businesses because they feel impersonal and cold, so make sure that you provide an atmosphere that’s as reassuring and personal as possible to keep your clients coming back. Reliability and communication are absolutely key – keep your clients updated with what’s going on at all times and make sure that you always hit deadlines and do exactly what you say you will.

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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