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Bringing your business into the 21st century and involving digital technology into the business, can benefit your business in a massive number of ways. It can completely transform the customer experience for one thing. It can make processes and operations much more streamlined and simpler. And that is to only name a few of the ways that it can help. More and more businesses are getting digitized but can be a long process for many. Some are seeing it hinder them, rather than help them to turn it into a genuine competitive advantage.

Could one of the main reasons for this slow process be because they just aren’t getting their digital strategy right? They might just be thinking about website add-ons or creating something like an app. However, could it be better to take a look at the whole business and look at digitizing their business strategy, not just making their business digital? It is a small and subtle difference, that can make all the difference. So what makes the businesses that are strong in their strategy stand out from the others? Here are some things that they are doing, that you need to be doing.

Focusing on the Customer

In such a digital day and age, it will come as no surprise that you need to have a strategy that focuses on the digital impact on customers. You need the strategy to focus in on generating new revenue and attracting new customers. An old way of looking at things would be to focus in on reducing costs and looking at internal processes. But having an outward approach, that is focusing on your consumers and customers, is one of the ways that you can tell which business is on top of digitizing their business strategy, and which clearly aren’t. If you need some extra clarification, then this article could be worth a read:

Find the Right Model

If you are looking to make your business digital, then you need to follow the digital and leading experts. The digital experts are setting themselves very clearly defined business objectives, as well as clear and well articulated key performance indicators. They aren’t only focused on money. While that is important, digital experts are looking at the wider picture. For these experts, the satisfaction of employees, as well as customer satisfaction metrics are just as important as the increase in profit. They all work together, which is why it is important to have a streamlined process, especially for business-critical documents. If you need some more guidance, then a site like could explain more about the process of getting things streamlined for this digital day and age.

It is good to see so many businesses wanting to give digital the time and effort that it should deserve; very reassuring. However, to achieve any value to your business, you need to move on from the need to define digital strategies that run separately from the overall business strategy. When a digitization of the overall business strategy happens, then the much-needed transformation can be achieved.



    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye is the founder and CEO of UrbanGeekz. Previously, she worked as a News Correspondent for NBC’s theGrio. Prior, she was a senior broadcast journalist for the BBC in London. Tinuoye currently sits on the SXSW Pitch Advisory Board and CES Conference Advisory Board. She is a key player in the Atlanta tech startup ecosystem and serves as a mentor for Comcast NBCUniversal’s The Farm Accelerator. Tinuoye has received several awards and accolades, including being honored with a Resolution from the Georgia Legislative.