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It starts out like any other day in your office. After arriving, you settle down at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee. You are running on all cylinders because you want to take care of a lot of items on your to-do list like reviewing staffing needs, setting up a brainstorming session with your partner and other long-term tasks. You have been at the office for all of 20 minutes when the phone starts to ring. There is a crisis with an employee. There are mountains of documents you need to review and sign.

By the time you look around, it is 5 pm. Where did the day go? You have spent the day putting out one fire after another, and nothing was done to move the business forward. So, how can tomorrow and the days after that be different?

There are some methods you can use to streamline your business so you can work on tasks that are really important. Therefore, put these tips into action, and you may have some time remaining for a personal life outside of work.

When you begin the process of streamlining the technology that you use for your business, life becomes more tolerable for everyone. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs do not realize they can work with companies like Bizagi to digitally transform their businesses. These are some ideas you can use to finally get your business technology in perfect shape.

Switch to VoIP

Are you still trying to navigate calls on your cell phone and company landline phone? You can get a lot of customized features at an affordable price by switching to VoIP. In fact, VoIP can be as much as 30 percent less than a traditional landline office phone system, and it has features that are complementary for small businesses. For example, voicemails can be attached to emails, and you can open and read them without having to rely on your smartphone.

Do Not Wait to Pay

Does your business have the cash flow to pay for less expensive bills ahead of time? If you have a bill that is $20 a month, go ahead and pay $120 for six months of service. It is one less task you have to worry about each month.


There is no need for you to pay the company’s bills in person or through the mail. Technology has also provided us with the ability to complete this task entirely online. If you have accounting software already set up to take care of the bills, go the additional mile and automate the bill paying process.

The software will automatically create invoices and will send email reminders to clients who have not paid. The software will work alongside your bank to take care of electronic transfers. This means that you will never have to worry about getting a late notice for an unpaid utility bill.

It is so easy to get ‘caught up’ in the excitement of owning your own business and finally doing something you are passionate about. However, it is also easy to become overwhelmed with the aspects of running a small business. Streamline the mundane tasks so you can stay sane and work on the tasks that help your company grow.

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