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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017

Freebies: The Simple Way To A Customer’s Heart

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Every customer in the history of business will love getting things for free. In fact, many consumers choose certain businesses thanks to the freebies they’re offering. Bearing that in mind, this article will focus on the idea of freebies. More to the point, how can you use them to gain more customers or sustain customer loyalty

Below, you will find some examples of freebies and what they’re useful for:

Promotional Merchandise

The idea behind this freebie is in its name; you want to promote your business. Promotional merchandise refers to anything your business makes that you give away for free to help boost your brand and promote your company. As you can see on, common forms of promo merchandise include magnets, stickers, etc. The idea is that you print your brand logo on various pieces of merchandise and then hand them out to people for free. Normally, you give them out at events to help your brand linger in the minds of potential leads. But, you can also send them out when customers make a purchase, as a little free gift for them to enjoy. This is a great way of gaining new customers as you give them part of your business to take home with them. So, they’ll always be reminded of your brand, which means they might subconsciously think of your company whenever they need to purchase a product/service that you offer.

Free Products/Services

A very common and classic type of freebie is a free gift. This differs from promotional merchandise in that you’re giving away a real product for free. For example, new customers will receive a free gift with their first purchase. Or, you can offer loyal customers a free gift of their choosing after they spend a certain amount of money. This is great as it can help you collect a pool of incredibly loyal customers. As we said in this article here, loyalty is one of the main things you want from your customer. Offer them a free product or service if they’ve been loyal and spent a lot of money, this will only keep them coming back for more.

Free Advice

This is a really good way of giving something to your customers for free, without really suffering any financial loss. Advice is always a great thing to give to consumers and loyal customers. It’s particularly useful for reeling in the new customers, especially when you sell a service. You can offer a free consultation for something, and provide someone with advice on a certain topic. Then, they’ll be blown away by your knowledge and feel more obliged to pay for your services. In fact, as you can see here free consultations are one of the best ways to attract new customers.

So, what this article shows you is that freebies are a brilliant way to get close to consumers. They’re the easiest way to your customer’s heart and can help you sustain loyalty and find new customers too.




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