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It’s great having a company successful enough that you need a whole team of employees. Do you remember how long it took you to figure out the budget for payroll and benefits? And wasn’t the recruitment process so time-consuming and expensive! Now your employees are all settled in and delivering the results you hoped for, it can be easy to forget about their long-term needs. Chances are their needs could directly impact your business. If you want to develop your business into a bigger and better brand, then you need to consider developing your staff too.

When was the last time you offered any feedback to your employees? You could have a weekly standing meeting to read out the official sales figures. Or maybe you have a one-on-one each month to check in with each member of staff? Your employees are not needy just because they crave this kind of attention from you. They’re keen to be certain they’re doing everything right. And guess what? They want to know where they can do better! Digital HR systems can help, but they still require a leader to manage them.

Developing your staff is worth the investment of your time. You may also choose to invest some of your company profits here too. Consider the cost of recruitment once again. Avoid that cost by keeping staff happy! Training and development go a long way toward both motivation and loyalty. To find out what your employees should be working toward, look at your industry peers.

Manufacturers are keen to operate using the latest and best practices. Do your team leaders have a degree in operations management under their belt? If not, your business may benefit from investing in staff development like this. Think how much more your employee could bring to the company. Worried they’ll take that training elsewhere? If your employee is grateful for your time, attention and investment, why would they?

It’s not just the individuals that you should spend more time with. Consider the whole – the team. Team development takes a long time. It requires careful nurturing of the group dynamic. Whenever a new member joins, you may have to start all over again to help integrate them into the original team. You may not feel like this is your job, but it is your business that will benefit or suffer from problems within the team. Guidance and assurance can go a long way here, especially for new members of the group. Have you ever considered mentorships within your business? This can help you hand down some of the responsibility for better integration and development.

Developing your employees should be quite high up your list of priorities. This is especially true if you’re trying to develop your business. You might find it easier to manage cash flow if you recruit lesser qualified team members. Their salary demands are lower. As you train them or develop them, you are providing incentives for a pay rise and promotion. This kind of workplace culture or dynamic can be very attractive for hungry, career-driven candidates from all backgrounds. What do you do to develop your best business assets?



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