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The Digital Side Of HR

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Did you know that most employees hate Human Resources? It is often said that HR employees are incompetent, which is a common complaint that is unfortunately linked to a very real situation: A lot of individuals who end up in the HR department originally came from other services and had been pushed into a role that wasn’t theirs. HR has a complex task to ensure to everything can run smoothly in the company. Alas, as it is often underestimated, the HR team is gradually built with unqualified staff who fails to fulfill their tasks. However, HR can be made fun and a lot more manageable if you apply the digital strategies of modern businesses to it. Indeed, it is now time to embrace the 21st century and to discover how the digital side of HR can help your business to meet its target.

Everyone Can Do HR

For small businesses, HR often falls under the responsibility of the office manager or the business owner. While there is a logic to the fact that HR matters should be trusted to someone who deals with the administrative side of the business, it is important to consider digital support at this stage. Indeed, digital HR or HR software is defined as a digital tool that helps a business to manage data related to the employees and to automated the key HR functions. For example, ensuring that you replace the relevant HR experience with a software solution to manage your capital, track new applicants and manage the payroll will ensure that you keep ahead of essential HR tasks. This means that, should there be a complex HR situation, such as a complaint, you will be in a position to deal with it with all the attention and the care it deserves.

Smart Workplace Settings

With the digital revolution of businesses, most business structures have also taken a modern turn with remote work options. Establishing the rules for a remote team – which means using collaborative digital tools to bring everyone together – has a significant HR advantage for the workplace. You will be naturally reducing the risk of HR complaints and difficulties related to the office situation. This also allows your business to run smooth HR systems, such as checking the productivity and workload of every member of the team through digital tools. Tasks that are the responsibility of the HR team, such as ensuring that H&S protocols are respected, become less significant when your team becomes responsible for their own office.

You Don’t Need To Hire

Finally, one of the main difficulties about the HR role is to find new talent. Recruiting is a costly and time-demanding HR process. However, choosing to outsource your projects to freelancers – even if you decide to work on an on-going approach – means that you can limit the HR involvement. Freelancers are contracted for the duration of a project, or as long as there is work for their skillset. As a result, you build a business relationship with them. There is no work contract, but a contractor agreement that defines when the freelancer will be paid and who the direct contacts are. There is also no employer tax for the business, as the freelancer is not an employee.  

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