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What’s The Real Difference Between The iPhone 6s And The iPhone 7?

What's The Real Difference Between The iPhone 6s And The iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 has been out for a few months now, and people have had the chance to give it a spin and get a feel for what the difference is between the previous iPhone, the 6s, and the newest 7. Here are a few ideas of what to expect with the new iPhone compared to the previous model:

A Slightly Different Colorway

Apple have dropped ‘space grey’ from their iPhone 6s offering and are now offering 2 different shades of black instead. You can choose from ultra shiny jet black or cool matte black. You have the standard silver, gold, and rose gold options too.

No Headphone Jack

This has caused outrage among users, but it’s pretty simple to rectify. Go wireless with your headphones. Wireless is the future anyway! Don’t panic too much, as Apple do include an adapter in your box. This means you can still plug in earphones and your aux lead, but you won’t be able to charge your phone at the same time.

Brighter Screen

The screen is slightly brighter, so the user can see more colors more clearly.

Slightly Better Camera

The camera is slightly better, more notably on the front. The front facing camera has gone from 5mps to 7mps.

More Storage

The lowest memory on the 6s is 16gb, but the iPhone 7 boasts 32gb as the lowest.

Slightly Better Battery Life

The battery life is ever so slightly better, by a few hours.

Overall, the phones look almost identical and perform similarly. Many users are considering waiting to upgrade! Want to know some fun facts about the very first mobile phones? Take a look at this infographic!

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