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June 23, 2017

PC Gaming Wins Over Console Gaming

There’s a huge amount of arguing within the tech industry about whether PC gaming or console gaming is better value. We’re staunchly on the side of PC gaming for a variety of reasons, read about them all below.

While a PC represents a more significant investment in the first place, you usually get a lot more for your money. You don’t need to build a high-end gaming rig to surpass the tech offered in most consoles. With just a few hundred dollars, you can customize your PC in whichever way you like, depending on what you plan to use it for.

This is highly advantageous as you don’t need to buy the package deal, as you can pick and choose the facets that you want to splash out more money. If you want better graphics then you even have a choice in high-end graphics cards from different manufacturers. If you’re vigilant, you can pick these up on sale when new ones are released and get the same performance for even less.

We also have a much larger choice in where we buy our games from. With PC games, you can buy from resellers or key sellers – although this practice gets a bit of flak from those in the industry. If you want to purchase an online game on a console, your only real choice is the official store for the game. Lots of online bingo sites accept paying for games with your phone bill as a way to make it easier for their PC players.

This means that the console developer can really charge what they want for their games, especially in their eShops. This is when the PC gamer makes good on their investment, although they’ve paid more initially, sometimes their games can cost just a few dollars compared to $60 – $70.

There are so many developers to pick from when playing on PC too. Consoles like the Wii U and Switch are notorious for a small pool of games to select from. Although Nintendo has started their Nindies series to give indie developers a spotlight on their platform, their selection of games is still minuscule when compared to PC players’.

If you’ve had a few years of using your PC and it’s starting to feel its age, then you can also upgrade it. We’re seeing a lot of manufacturers releasing updates to their consoles to make them more powerful, but this requires the player to buy a whole new console. Not only is this expensive, it’s also incredibly wasteful.

Instead, replacing parts that require it or upgrading them can give the PC owner a like new feel. If the old part is still in good working condition then you can even resell it to another user and put this money towards the upgrade. This removes the throwaway side of things, as the parts can continue to be used in other machines.

Last up, we come to backwards compatibility. Virtually every game from the good old days can still be played on a new PC, although some fiddling may be required. Console games from just a few years ago can’t be played on newer consoles, instead, developers tend to offer a ‘remastered’ edition, for which the player must pay again.

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