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Why business owners use monitoring software for better employee management?

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There is no recipe to a successful business. There is a multitude of business techniques which have evolved over time. In the contemporary times, employees are the real asset of a company. Better employee management can lead to enhanced work productivity. Since employees can either improve or mar the growth of an organization, they are referred as ‘human resource’ – a firm’s capital.

Today, technology is an integral part of the work environment so that businesses can be conducted anytime and anywhere. Though this trend has its own unique benefits, monitoring employee performance in an efficient yet timely manner can be a problem. Many employers are concerned about what their employees are doing when they’re not around. This concern has raised a global appetite for real-time monitoring so that business owners can monitor employee progress without disrupting their workflow.

The rise of monitoring culture in businesses

The majority of the US workforce includes millennials, who have even surpassed the Generation X as the largest group of employees (Pew Research). These employees consider year-to-year performance reviews as inefficient. To provide work opportunities to these new waves of employees, their performance must be assessed in a timely manner.

For employees, digital monitoring is intrusive and a violation of their privacy. It can damage the work culture by making their discretionary power limited. It can also put a strain on their relationship with their bosses. Yet monitoring software is used by employers to get an insight of the workforce behavior based on their digital footprints that are created each day at the company. Such a technology uses electronic records to evaluate their communication patterns with each other and their day-to-day activities.

According to a survey conducted by American Management Association (AMA) in 2007, electronic surveillance is increasingly adopted by firms every year and over one-third of the employers have already fired their employees for internet misuse. Therefore, digital surveillance is required by the employers to manage and balance the legitimate needs of their company to protect their assets and safeguard the workplace privacy.

Role of text monitoring app at workplace

With the mass proliferation of smartphones, there is an ever-growing list of activities performed by them. Texting has emerged as a dominant mode of communication among people, more than phone calls. Since it is a convenient and quick form of interaction, it has been adopted by people on a large scale. More than 80 percent of the Americans own cell phones and three-quarters of them perform texting, says Pew Research Centre. Today, texting is hitting the stride by becoming a powerful tool to connect the businesses with their customers. However, employees are concerned about their work productivity as texting is increasing problems for them.

Is your employee wasting valuable company time by texting all day round? For employers managing the workplace ethics and discipline is essential. With a monitoring tool, they can minimize the company losses and prevent employee misconduct. Since many firms provide smartphones to their employees, mobile monitoring is easy. People today are hooked to their phones and store a lot of private information on their phones so there is no better surveillance tthanusing a text monitoring app in cellphones.

These monitoring apps bring the power back to the bosses. They can read all the personal and official text messages of their employees and then analyze their performance. Many a times, constant beeps of text messages distract the employees from focusing on their work. They are tempted to frequently check their phones for message alerts. This diverts the attention of the employees from important tasks and hampers their work productivity. Using a text monitoring app like Xnspy, employers can monitor the complete record of all the incoming and outgoing messages and depict the frequency of certain messages.

Moreover, to reduce the risks of data theft and corporate espionage taking place through text messages, employers can also find out if any such activity is taking place. Apps like Xnspy provide watch-list alerts for text messages so that the employer can determine the topic of message correspondence between the employee and his contacts. Apart from reading the message content, they can also view the message details including the name of the message sender/receiver, their number, date and time stamp, and geotags. Geotag is an icon which determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a specific message was sent/received.

Since employees can exchange confidential company information with business rivals of a firm to gain some monetary benefits, it is important for employers to view the text communication of employees. They can carry out discreet and remote monitoring as most spy apps have online console which enables the employer to access target information from anyplace. All the text messages of the target are transferred to the employer device through this web-based control panel which uploads target messages online. Thus, whether the business owner is sitting some distance away from his employees or his miles away from them in some other state, he can still keep tabs on their texting routine and assess their performance.


In order to accomplish various business objectives, employers adopt monitoring measures to ensure effective employee management. Monitoring apps play a key role in reducing employee theft, misconduct, and security breach. However, it should be practiced within legal premises.

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