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5 Marketing Trends That Will Shape the Future

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To be a successful business, you need to market yourself. As technology grows, however, the channels and ways you can market yourself become more complicated and diverse. Knowing the trends that top experts predict is the first step to being at the top of the marketing game. When new technology comes around, being the first to successfully implement it into your marketing campaign means you will get noticed like never before. Here are the five marketing trends that will shape the future:

  1. Personalization Capabilities Will Increase

Between big data, AI, and machine learning, personalization will only increase. Already most companies use personalization to grow engagement and customer loyalty. The technology behind this personalization is becoming more and more accessible to all types of businesses. If you don’t already use personalization, use the marketing automation software by MailChimp. A custom experience provides your customers with great value and will keep them coming back for more.

  1. Transparency Means Honesty

Each company uses multiple networks. Some might even have multiple websites. The multitude of faces that each brand has on the Internet means that transparency is at an all-time high. Disgraced companies are shamed across the Internet and they lose customers and their reputation. This generation of tech users are much more savvy and distrustful from the start. You need to be upright and forthcoming with all your decisions so that, when you do make a mistake, your customers will be more forgiving.

  1. Personalized Ads Will Become More Targeted

Big data means that machines and software know users incredibly well. They know their likes, dislikes, interests, achievements, what they click on, what they hate, where they’ve been, and more. This information means an even more targeted reach for advertisements. In the future, you will see only ads that interest you, and for companies, it means that you can directly appeal to people who are most likely to use your brand.

  1. The Live Video Campaign

Live video is becoming more popular every year. No longer do only media corporations have the monopoly on live content. Now brands can bring in their customers on what they are doing wherever they are. Being honest and forthright about the “behind the scenes” action, as well as broadcasting key events and interviews, is a great way to let users get to know you.

  1. Integrating Virtual Realities

The biggest technology of 2017 is virtual reality. It has numerous applications, from gaming, to art, to production design. As the technology becomes more widespread, soon every person will have their own VR headset as a means to access a virtual reality. If you want to be ahead of your competition and really make a killing, research and consider how you can use virtual reality.

Actively trying to keep on top of trends can stretch you and your marketing team out too thin. Don’t try to implement everything at once. It is far more important to build your customer loyalty by using methods you know work than it is to use gimmicks to try and get press.



    UrbanGeekz Staff
    UrbanGeekz Staff
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