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6 Tech Gifts for the Music Lover

6 Tech Gifts for the Music Lover

For music lovers, the ability to listen to their favorite bands and singer songwriters in high-resolution is optimal. Yet, many audiophiles seem to have every CD, vinyl; the best headphones and speakers imaginable – so what can you get them?

Amazon Echo

For those who wish they could lie down and order their speakers to play whatever music possible, the Amazon Echo can turn those wishes into a reality. Call out the band, song or album you’re looking for, and this speaker will deliver as it scours through your Spotify or Amazon Prime Music accounts. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sweet melody.


Of course, music lovers are already going to own a pair of headphones, however, that doesn’t mean they own the best sounding equipment for their music needs. Whether it’s because they’re unsure of electronics, brands or simply can’t afford them, it doesn’t matter – buying them a new pair will never be a waste. You can get the best earbuds under 100 dollars, meaning your audiophile can listen to their beloved artists without the crackling of overused of cheap headphones.

Personalized Favorite Song Painting/Soundwaves

Gift them with a contemporary painting dictating their favorite song, as their favorite riffs and lyrics are turned into visual art. The painting’s color, brush strokes and movement will be determined by the song, meaning each painting is 100% unique. For those who are more ‘technical,’ you could instead gift them with a personalized favorite song soundwave instead.

Vinyl Displays

Purchase frames that are both a means of displaying and showcasing your favorite vinyl’s and storing them too. These storage systems mean you can leave the record in its sleeve, place it within the frame, and simply open it up if you wish to listen to it. If your music lover doesn’t have enough space on the wall, buying them a simple wooden or metal record shelf will also be a much-loved gift. Records are not only expensive, but they’re cherished within the music community; therefore, a proper record display is not only thoughtful, but it’s needed for those wanting to preserve their collection.

Musical Instrument

As strange as it may seem, not all music lovers can play instruments. Whether it’s because they don’t have the time or they don’t believe they have the musical talent, buying them an instrument may be the inspiration they need to start playing. You can either go all out and buy them a drum kit, or think smaller and gift them with a guitar or ukulele. As musical instruments can be quite pricey, ask others to put money towards the gift or have them buy music books, plectrums or drumsticks.

Festival Tickets

For this, you’ll want to know 100% which music festival your music lover is interested in; you wouldn’t want to buy them a ticket for Coachella if they’re more interested in the Electric Forest or Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Once you know which festival they’re interested in, buy them a physical ticket or give them money towards it.



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