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Attracting Customers With Convenience

Convenience has always been a selling point for consumers. The more convenient (i.e the less work they have to put in) something is, the more likely they’re going to buy something. It’s the same reason why people don’t buy DIY kits instead of the finished product. They want something made to-order or sold at a certain specification, not something that takes hours of labor to build by themselves, not to mention the possibility of messing something up.

But that idea of selling convenience extends further than just DIY. Selling convenience can be used in almost every business model and concept. This article is going to show you various ways to incorporate convenience into your products and services in order to make more sales and convert more customers.

Have a good website

A good website is going to help a lot when it comes to convenience, the reason being that no one likes to spend hours and hours browsing for a product. When thinking about web design, make sure you either hire a professional or learn about what makes a good website. In order to add convenience, you’ll have to make your website easy to navigate, make sure all the necessary information is on the page, and don’t overload it with text and details. You could give basic information about each product, but have a clear link that allows your customers to find more technical information.

Payment methods

If you’re going to update your business for the current century then you need to have multiple payment options. However, this doesn’t mean just simple methods such as credit card, PayPal or other web money services. Although those are essential for your business, you also need to consider financing options through services like PayPal. It’s a fantastic way to offer your customers extra ways to pay for expensive purchases, and 0% interest options are particularly of interest. This usually beats out traditional financing methods because you’re not paying upwards of 20% interest, and it’s convenient because all the credit checks are dealt with by these web money services.

Support after purchases

When your customers purchase something complicated or something that requires a bit of work, you need to provide them with some follow-up. This could be insurance, warranty or even assistance with their new equipment or devices. This makes it convenient for your customers to seek help with the same company they bought their products with, making it far easier and less stressful on them. It’s a fantastic way to also provide additional paid services, such as teaching them how to use a product or helping them repair it should it break.

Some final words

Attracting customers is a lot about marketing, but you also need to tell your customers about the possible benefits they’ll receive from purchasing products with you instead of competitors. Many of these benefits should come in the form of convenience to make purchasing and using a product easier, and it’s one of the main selling points that consumers look for.



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