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Gaming marries technology

Gaming marries technology

Thirty years back no one would have thought that video games will cross into the mainstream and be popular with both men and women, with some amazing advances. The birth of video games goes as far back as the 1950s when computer scientists designed very basic games and simulations to complete their research. With the advent of video arcade games and consoles which made use of joysticks and controllers to home computers, gaming has come up several levels.

Take the example of wild jacks real money online gambling casino, which not only marries gaming with technology, it actually gets you some real money. These days online games are either played partially or fully over the Internet and span various genres including FPS (first-person shooters), massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) or strategy games. Free online components within the games can range from an online leaderboard to be a part of the core gameplay. The new genre of games allows gamers to create their own online communities. Let us look at some path-breaking technology ideas which have changed the dynamics of the industry.

Facial Recognition

With facial recognition technology, one can actually create a custom avatar in the gaming world or transfer one’s facial expressions to the possible digital creations. The new age cameras are creating endless possibilities for allowing developers to create games which have the potential to copy the emotions of the gamer by scanning the person’s face using 70 different criteria.

Voice Recognition System

All the lazy Geeks out there can enjoy playing voice-controlled games these days. For once, they have been around for a while, but it is only now that this technology in the gaming system has picked up Voice recognition systems not only allow you to switch on and off your devices using your own voice but also giving commands to control gameplay or search on the web. By simply talking into these systems, you can game into the future of technology.

Gesture Control

Gamers these days interact with the devices using just a few waves of their hand. The breakthrough of gesture-control allows users to create a great gaming experience by making use of their natural movements. With free hands to move, gamers get the first-hand experience of how virtual reality in future would actually change the gaming scene. The new age devices allow gamers to play interactive games such as cricket, basketball, lawn tennis against the software.

Virtual Reality

We are on the brink of stepping into the world of virtual reality. There are many virtual reality gaming consoles which haven’t been commercially released, as they are still in their developmental stages. They are likely to make their grand entry using virtual reality headsets. Gamers can look forward to plunging deep into the depths of games, from where they are likely to lose themselves in the game before actually making a comeback. Such games may need special warnings and instructions to ensure gamers restrict their hours of play in order to distinguish virtual world from the real world!



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