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SPONSORED CONTENT: Working with the knowledgeable guys down at Jax and Bones dog beds, today we are bringing you the perfect guide for looking after your dog during the winter months. Winter can be a testing time for us all and none more so than our four-legged friends. Where we can go to the store and buy a new coat or make preparations for the winter, our pooches look to us to help them out and evade a number of problems which winter presents them with. Without further ado then here is what you need to do to make sure that your dog is safe and warm this winter.

Cutting Down Outdoor Time

As much as your dog may not appreciate it, cutting down on the amount of time that you spend outdoors with them will really help them out. Try to millet your outdoor trips with your dog to just bathroom breaks and small walks, any more than that could create problems for your pooch. Dogs are unable to sweat and so they pant in order to maintain the body’s temperature and blood flow, the downside of this is that as your dog pants, they will be breathing in very cold air which can make breathing uncomfortable.

Wrap Up

You wouldn’t leave the house without a coat during the winter months and nor should your dog, so make sure that they are wrapped up. There are many great pieces of clothing for dogs out there and you can get something for them which not only looks great, but feels great for them as well. Just because your dog has fur does not mean that they shouldn’t get wrapped up and in doing this you can really help to keep them warm.

Wiping Paws

During winter there are many harmful substances and chemical on the ground which your dog will pick up on their paws. It is really important therefore that you spend some time wiping down your dog’s paws once they have come back from a trip outside. Dogs clean their paws with their tongue and if they have harmful chemicals such as de-icer or antifreeze on their paws they will directly ingest this when cleaning. Try putting some wipes by the door so that you can do it as soon as you get in.

Home Practice

Things change around the home when the winter kicks in and you need to ensure that your dog is being looked after inside the house as well as out. For example, if you have space heaters inside your home to warm the place up, a dog can easily burn themselves and you need to ensure that you have put the heater in a sensible location. Try moving your dog’s bed to a warmer area of the house as well so that they won’t be as cold during the chilly nighttime.

The key is to be alert to how winter can affect your dog, and make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep your dog warm and safe.

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