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How Cloud Computing Can Save Your Business Money

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Have you ever thought what makes online services possible? It’s cloud computing services. Cloud computing services have become very popular. Now, most of the organizations are embracing this technology. Cloud computing helps a lot to save your business money. Here are the ways how cloud computing can save your business money, but before understanding its benefits you should know about types of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Types

There are three broad categories of cloud computing – infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (Saas).

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IaaS is the most basic category of cloud computing services. It is an instant computing infrastructure that is managed over the internet. IaaS has so many advantages. Running a website through IaaS becomes more affordable than traditional web hosting. It eliminates capital expenses. This is an economical option for start-ups and businesses testing new ideas. Your staff can focus on core activities of the business instead of on IT infrastructure. You don’t need to upgrade software when using IaaS. A cloud service provider can provide security for your applications and data.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS is designed to help developers to quickly create web or mobile apps. It provides an environment for developing, testing, and managing software applications. PaaS also includes servers, storage, and networking like IaaS, but it also includes database management systems, business intelligence services, and much more. PaaS supports complete web application lifecycle. It also enables you to cut down expenses on buying and managing software licenses.

Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS enables users to use cloud-based apps over the internet. This is SaaS that makes sending emails faster and a use of office tools easier. You would have used SaaS if you have used a web-based email service such as Outlook and Hotmail. The email software is located on the service provider’s network and your messages are stored there as well. You don’t need to download and install software to run SaaS.

Cloud Environment – Public, Private and Hybrid

Public cloud environment is owned by a third-party cloud service provider. It is based on the standard cloud computing model. The biggest advantage of the public cloud environment is it reduces wastage of resources as customers pay for the resources they use.

Similarly, private cloud environment also delivers same services as public cloud, but the only difference between private and public cloud is a private cloud delivers services to a single organization.

However, hybrid cloud hosting uses both private cloud and public cloud environment services. Hybrid cloud hosting gives businesses greater flexibility and more data deployment options.

How Cloud Computing Saves Your Business Money

It Improves Collaboration

Cloud computing can be used on any device. You should have an internet connection to use cloud computing services. This enables you to approach remote employees. If you have remote employees, you can collaborate with them through cloud computing. Your employees will sign up and access the program over the internet to share documents, tasks, and responsibilities.

It Lowers Cost

Using cloud services is the best option for small businesses to save up the cost. All expenses pertaining to server maintenance, software licensing, cooling costs, and upgrade expenses are reduced with the help of cloud computing services. Cloud computing doesn’t require high monthly subscriptions.

It Improves Productivity

Cloud computing can whittle down your business cost by increasing the productivity. Cloud software performs faster and more effectively than traditional software. Deployment duration is less and hence employees don’t need to waste time in waiting. The biggest advantage is that cloud computing applications can be run from anywhere; you just need an internet. This is wonderful news for enterprises that rely on travel for their businesses.

Capital Investment

Cloud computing services are available in a pay-as-you-go pricing model. This pricing model can save your money in many ways. First, you will pay only for utilized services. It costs per user. Moreover, this pricing model can be canceled anytime, thus financial risk is reduced if the software doesn’t work. The cost of cloud solutions is less than in-house solutions.

Backup Facility

You must need a backup of your important data. What if you lose your data because of system failure or a technical problem? It will wreak havoc on your business, especially when you have no backup, but this problem can be resolved through cloud computing software. This can back up your data automatically to a safe online location that you will use if any unexpected event destroys your data. In fact, you can also save your data in multiple locations to improve data safety.

Cloud computing services are reliable. It makes your business faster and saves your business cost that is very important for business growth and expansion.



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