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#WOCinTech Chat

When you go on a first date, the chances are that you worry about everything. By the time the big event comes, most of us know exactly how we plan to woo our potential love interest. Whether it’s with roses, or chat up lines, getting this right could mean the difference between coming home alone, or not.

Love may be far from your mind when tackling business. But, it’s worth returning to the wooing method on your website. The setting may be different, but this is another instance in which you need to impress. Your site has to make people care, and to do that, it needs to capture their hearts. So, forget first dates; how are you going to make customers fall in love with your online presence?

Can’t take my eyes off of you

We all know that appearances matter on a first date. If someone isn’t attracted to you, it’s near enough impossible to catch their attention. Sure, personality matters more to some people. But, there’s no getting around the fact that you need to be at least a little attracted to potential partners.

And, this is especially the case with your website. Some customers may be more interested in the content but, for the most part, it’s all about how your page looks. Make sure you create a site they can’t keep their eyes off of by using bright designs and an easy navigation system. It’s also worth considering voice over, or a video which plays automatically. Using free animation software, you could even make a fun video which leaves customers feeling at home. Who can resist a little stick man with a cute voice on their screen? If he’s explaining what your company does, then this has got to be a good thing.

A little something

Taking a little something along for your date is always a good idea. Just a token gift, like a rose or a box of chocolates, shows that you care. And, it’s worth adopting the same method with your site. If customers feel as though you care, they’re more likely to return the favor. Offering a little something, like a free ebook or a tote bag for those who sign up for your newsletter, is all it takes. This is just a small token to open up a relationship. With a little luck, it’ll eventually lead to a sale.

A way with words

If you fumble your words and use the wrong phrases, it’s unlikely that any date will be a flying success. But, if you’re a wordsmith to rival Shakespeare, your date will find it much harder to resist you. The same goes for your site. If the wording is clumsy and littered with mistakes, no one will stick around for long. To make sure this doesn’t put people off, take a long time considering your content. Is it punchy and appealing, or flat and lackluster? If the latter, go back to the drawing board until that prose shines!


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