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Tech Evangelist Joins Thriving Atlanta Innovation Hub

Tech Evangelist Quinetha Frasier Joins Thriving Atlanta Startup Hub

Tech entrepreneur Quinetha Frasier has recently won a spot at a leading innovation hub in the heart of Atlanta.

The MBA graduate has joined TechSquare Labs (TSL) where she’ll have opportunities to network, collaborate, and tap into the resources of the thriving startup ecosystem at Atlanta’s Technology Square.

“Que” was handpicked after applying to compete in TechSquare Labs’ most recent Atlanta Startup Battle. Even though she didn’t make it as one of the five finalists, she was recognized as being a “talented entrepreneur” and offered an initial free space at TSL with options to transition to paid monthly membership.

Although Startup Battle has had three successful events, this is the first time they’ve offered this opportunity. Around 400 startup teams applied for the pitch contest. From these, 40 of the most “investable” startups took up places at TSL.

Being a member of this network gives entrepreneurs eligibility for the Google Mentors Program. In this program, founders like Frasier get one-to-one mentoring for three months. In addition, startups in this space get the chance to work out of co-working spaces across the globe according to Daniel Sabio, Director of Programs & Marketing at TSL. Global hubs include Seoul, Madrid, London, and Tel Aviv, among others.

Frasier says that this aspect will help her company Social Impact Advisor, which provides funding strategies based on technological solutions. The company has transitioned into a global fundraising management venture, where they continue to use technology to accelerate the work of organizations in philanthropy.

Tech entrepreneur Quinetha “Que” Frasier

“This opportunity will provide Social Impact Advisor with international exposure to mentors, capital, and other minority companies that are essential in our goal attainment,” says Fraiser. “Specifically, we aim to create technology solutions that are customized for a sector. Philanthropy needs the strength of Google behind it to mobilize nonprofit organizations and grantmakers.  Google is a national partner to many of our partners like TechBridge, and they will help us to reach more companies and organizations that care about philanthropy and technology.”

Frasier, who is also the co-founder of Fintech startup MyPledger, says that this program provides a more broad and diverse pool of innovators, from which they may choose other potential partners that care about what they care about.

TSL is the only incubator in Atlanta with ties to Google, specifically through the flagship Google for Entrepreneurs partnership network. Members of the program also get the opportunity to apply for Google Demo Day, another high-profile pitch competition.

With tech’s diversity problem, giving an equal and fair opening like this to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds can support and empower a diverse pool of talented entrepreneurs. Sabio says that Startup Battle’s sole reliance on objective data and metrics eliminates a skewed selection process.

“Startup Battle is such a blind and non-discriminatory evaluation process because it’s all online, it’s all printed and all text,” says Sabio. “You’re more so looking at, okay, this is the company, this is what they’re doing, this is their progress, here is all these statistical measurements of their progress and where they’re at as a company versus this is their picture, this is what they look like, here’s a video of them, etc.”

Sabio explains that they like to keep the initial selection process based on hard data. This strategy serves diverse teams and founders of color like Frasier.

Frasier went on to say that this program is unique because it eliminates barriers that limit the participation of underserved tech entrepreneurs. She said TSL reached out to her and other startup teams with the opportunity to engage with their national network.

With continued national partnerships and now international potential as well, Social Impact Advisor will continue to advance philanthropy through technology around the globe.

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