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Go Natural Jamaica: Yoga and Detox Retreat An Idyllic Haven For Guests

Ramjas is a talented travel photographer turned holistic health guru.

The 33-year-old certified yoga teacher has turned her passion to help everyday people optimize their health into a lifelong mission.

The Czech Republic native has used her knowledge to set up a holistic retreat tucked away in rural Jamaica. Go Natural Jamaica in Portland Parish offers a variety of yoga and meditation retreats to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

“I spent more than a decade traveling all around the world talking to different gurus and shamans as well as searching for answers about yoga, nutrition, and healthy living,” says Ramjas.

“My husband is a Rasta man so he has a certain natural knowledge coming from his ancestors. You reach a certain level of knowledge and wisdom that’s not only for you. It can be shared to make other people’s lives better.”

Go Natural Jamaica is in an unassuming quiet and safe residential area. The sanctuary offers everything from massages, raw foods, delicious vegan or vegetarian dishes, customized meditation and yoga classes; and the chance for visitors to experience a detoxifying master cleanse fast under the watchful supervision of a helpful and friendly team.

Research has shown that the master cleanse can improve all aspects of health. Benefits include weight loss, alleviating allergies, ridding the body of parasites to even helping with long-term chronic illnesses.

“It cleanses your body and mind and spirit. Our main recommendation is 10 days but anything you do is better than nothing. The mixture sustains you so you don’t feel hungry.”

The backdrop is tropical paradise. Visitors are surrounded by private beach and sea lagune. There’s also a chance to go on activities, such as workshops, rafting, surfing and waterfall trips

“We wanted to share the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gathered over the years on how to live a healthier and happier and more balanced life,” says Ramjas. “Jamaica just opened up a great space for that. We decided to launch the center where people can not only incorporate yoga and meditation and healthier eating habits into their reality but they can experience it on their own skin. I believe the only way you can change is after you experience.”

Visitors from across the globe visit the retreat. That’s everyone from health enthusiasts to urban misfits who are simply looking for a haven to recharge, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature.

Before guests leave they are given customized advice to help them continue their journey to wellbeing.

“We want people to continue these positive changes when they get back home. Our goal is not only to teach yoga while at the retreat but also to show visitors how to bring more yoga and healthy living practices into their everyday life.”

Whether you are interested in a yoga retreat, meditation retreat, relaxed holiday, or a combination of enriching experiences, Go Natural Jamaica offers it all.



    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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