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10 YouTube Tech Influencers You Should Know

Who doesn’t have a YouTube channel or two that they simply can’t live without? Doesn’t matter if it’s your boo or your bff, just about everybody has a handful of YouTubers they love, subscribe to, and watch regularly.

For me, it’s the natural hair journey of women who’ve decided to ditch the perms for something more interesting when managing their natural tresses. I can’t begin to tell you how many well-produced and informative channels I’ve discovered.

But for tech, content creators have an even larger audience as viewers stumble across the videos while they search for a product name (iPhone for example) or brand on YouTube. And of course, there are YouTubers who reached who have built a loyal audience and following.

Naturally, at UrbanGeekz, we are keen on all around nerdism. So, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of 10 tech influencers we think you should know about or subscribe to. Keep in mind, this is not the definitive list, nor will everyone listed match your choice, but they are what we found is poppin’ right now. As always we’d love to know your opinion and welcome any links and names of your favorite diverse YouTubers if they aren’t represented below.



Marques Brownlee is a YouTube sensation. Best known for his reviews on hand-held devices, Marques a.k.a. MKBHD produces a channel that is informative, well-researched and an invaluable resource for tech consumers. It’s no surprise MKBHD is a slammin’ YouTube channel that’s been growing in popularity over years. Last time we checked, Marques had 6.5 million subscribers and it’s clear why.

2. UrAvgConsumer

Here’s a channel any techie parent will love. Not only is the host up on the back-to-school gadgetry, but he’s also keepin’ it real about cost and performance. He’s always offering giveaways for viewers. We particularly love his Gadget BackPack series.


3. Lamarr Wilson

Oh, how we love Lamarr Wilson. He’s just clever, cute, witty, and a bundle of information about everything tech. Love those sound effects!


4. TechmeOut

TechmeOut claims to deliver the information on everything technology. And it does! From product reviews, unboxings, top apps to download for Android and iOS, tech tips, jailbreak tweaks, and more. We particularly like TechmeOut’s product roundups. This lady has a channel that’s the bomb!

10 YouTube Tech Influencers You Should Know UrbanGeekz

10 YouTube Tech Influencers You Should Know



5. Soldier Knows Best

The host has a stellar channel packed full of informative details about the most popular products including TVs, smartphones, and more. Nice promo code opportunities too!


6. Fisayo Fosudo

The Nigerian-based techie describes himself as a visual storyteller and tech YouTuber. He creates visually stimulating and well-polished videos on gadgets and hand devices. This young University of Lagos graduate is certainly showcasing the growing appetite for mobile devices in Nigeria and across the continent.


7. SuperSaf

Safwan is one of UK’s largest tech influencers. Bringing news, views, and reviews of the latest and most innovative technology on the consumer market. With more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, over 180 million video views, and a strong social media following, SuperSaf has a growing platform for trusted tech content.



UrAvgConsumer: The Tech Survival Kit (Must Have!)


8. Austin Nwachukwu

Austin works a day job at Google as an engineer. His side gig is his YouTube channel that now has more than 60,000 subscribers. He provides product reviews and first looks at the latest technology from companies such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola.


9. Curiousjoi

What’s it about? Well, the host is there to talk about all things GEEK! Video games, Movies, TV, Comics, and MORE! She also likes to cover all the hottest conventions, even the ones that aren’t as well-known. This is an awesome channel hosted with charm and natural engagement.


10. Everything Technology

Victor Kamanga is the founder and producer of Everything Technology, which is a YouTube channel focused on consumer electronics and related accessories. The teen prides himself on giving honest reviews of techie products.


Lori Shepherd is a contributor for UrbanGeekz. She is also the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide. Her company is based in Oakland, California. She spent 15+ years as an in-house PR professional working for Silicon Valley technology companies including Hewlett Packard, Intuitive Surgical, and Guide by Cell. After forming her company, she has worked on the accounts of brands including Blitzify, Grammarlt.com FMSI, VentureFund.io, SkyChildCare, Nobody Cares Go Harder, the Points of Light Foundation, the Association of Women In Science, Local Futures, PrivacyAtlas, and numerous others. 

Follow Lori Shepherd on Twitter @Lorulei and @25Secondspr





    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd
    Lori Shepherd is a contributor for UrbanGeekz. She is also the founder of 25SecondsPR where she manages small to large PR campaigns for digital, technology, and nonprofits worldwide.