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Meet The Founder Shaking Up Email Communication With Patent Pending Marketing Tech

Atlanta-based startup founder Lisa Jones is on a quest to transform email messaging at scale. 

The chief exec of Eyemail has come up with innovative tech that literally ‘brings email to life.’ Her firm’s multi-patent pending technology provides instant play for video in email experiences without the need to download. 

 Jones, a former corporate executive, says the pioneering marketing technology allows businesses and nonprofits to transform the way email engages readers. The results, she says, are immediate content engagement for compelling and memorable storytelling. 

According to EyeMail’s website, these emails deliver “an increase in open and click-through rates over 60%, as opposed to standard conversion rates of 10-15%.” The company’s email marketing tool service is already being used by bigwigs such as Delta, Porsche, and The Coca-Cola Company.  

And with recent additions to the brand including EyeMail Canda, EyeMail Brazil, and EyeMail Africa, Eyemail is poised for global expansion.  

Still, despite the success, Jones is humbled by the inspiration behind her company.  

Following a pending divorce and seven-minute graveside service for her mother, Jones questioned whether a person’s life could be summed up in a eulogy and refocused her mission.   

“Does it come down to seven minutes?” she says. “I want to focus my mission on creating something dynamic, something global, that could be a tribute to her legacy –to make up for those seven minutes.” 

After researching the different ways she could make an impact, Jones decided that changing the way people emailed would be her “contribution to society.”  

“Everyone had the exact same delivery and effect which is static,” she says. “None of them evoked emotion, none of them made me feel special or compelled to make that next step to click for a call to action.” 

It was this realization that led her to create EyeMail to “bring email to life” in the 21st century. Eyemail creates instant-play audio and video into the body of the email itself creating a seamless interactive experience.  

While many other forms of communication have emerged in recent years, email is not going anywhere soon. According to Statista, there are approximately 3.9 billion global email users. And that number is projected to grow to 4.3 billion, or half of the world’s population, by 2023.  

However, developing an MVP came with its own challenges since many US-based development firms says it was not possible. Remaining determined, Jones found an international team and used skills she had developed while working as a logistics supply chain specialist for NASA and in the telecommunications industry to manage them remotely. 

But it was not until she created an EyeMail pro bono campaign for the Greater Women’s Business Council in Georgia that her business truly came alive. Shortly after the release of the campaign, Turner Broadcasting System (now Time Warner) became her first enterprise client.  

And EyeMail has only built upon this momentum, landing Coca-Cola Company, Major League Baseball, and Delta Airlines shortly after.  

Yet amidst the list of enterprise clients and accolades she has amassed; Jones does not want to limit EyeMail to enterprises. 

“Every business, organization, corporation has a message to communicate,” she says. “It just so happened that enterprise adapted to EyeMail first.” 

This year, EyeMail partnered with the nonprofit Make-A-Wish Foundation to create a dollar-for-dollar matching program for up to $200,000. 

“Critically ill children need support as well, and in the midst of COVID, they’re not able to get their wishes granted but to have the funding around that helps them to know that their wishes are coming,” Jones says. 

And as a current MBA student at Harvard University, Jones sees a path for EyeMail to expand into higher education to impact how institutions communicate with their students and staff.  



    Avalon Pernell
    Avalon Pernell
    Avalon Pernell is a writer, journalist, and YouTuber. She is currently writing for UrbanGeekz as an associate reporter.