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Will Smith Teams Up With FitBit With The Launch Of ‘StrongWill’

Hollywood star Will Smith has joined the Fitbit family as part of his public commitment to improve every aspect of his health and wellness.

Smith has created and curated a Fitbit Premium – an exclusive collection of whole-health guidance. Six sweat-inducing, endorphin-boosting workouts and mindfulness sessions in the Will Smith: StrongWill curriculum are now available. From room-shaking workouts to smooth stress-relief techniques, Premium members can now virtually work with Will and his trainers to get their minds and bodies strong. And yes, Big Will-isms do abound!

Fitbit is inviting you to join in prioritizing your holistic health — from physical fitness to better sleep habits and maintaining mental wellness. Will’s own drive to get in the best shape of his life was inspired by a desire to improve his overall wellbeing, and the StrongWill collection focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of strength.

As he mentioned on social media, “I spent countless days grazing on snacks and didn’t feel my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get my overall health and wellness back on track. To me, being in the ‘best shape of my life’ really means taking better care of my body.”

No matter where you’re at in your wellness pursuit, the hardest part is getting started. Fitbit and Will are helping Premium users to reach goals with an approachable curriculum that fits into your life, enhances your routine, and brings calorie-burning moves, form modifications, guided mindfulness, and plenty of jokes from Will to keep the energy levels high.

Get motivated with Will’s trainers and join in a variety of guided sessions, exclusively within Fitbit Premium – no equipment or gym required.



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