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July 16, 2015
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10 Tech Startups with Black Founders we are Excited About

Angel Davis and Lauren Washington from behind KeepUp

We recently attended Techweek Chicago and had a great time interacting with a variety of startups, founders and companies.  We were also pleasantly surprised at the large number of black founders competing in the launch competition. While some had made significant traction, others are just getting started.  Here are 10 tech startups with black founders we came across who we think you should also meet.

1.Candice Peters founded Hello Parent as the result of a real life situation that no parent ever wants to experience.  Hello Parent is an app that allows parents to share information about caregivers, allergies and more, to make parent communication easier.  Hello Parent made it to the Techweek Chicago Launch Semifinals. @hello_parent

2. Angel Davis and Lauren Washington are the ladies behind KeepUp. KeepUp is a social media life manager that won $250K from 43North, the world’s largest business idea competition. This app is now in beta on the App Store. @keepupapps

3. John Seigler is one of the founders at OFNI, an app that aims to eliminate waiting in lines. This app will let you know waiting times near you, so you can make smarter decisions about where to eat.  You’ll even be able to skip the line and place your orders directly through the app. @ofniapp

4 PeerBliss is a mobile polling app by founder Jay Etefia.  PeerBliss is “prepared to do for the opinion, what Twitter did to the status”.  PeerBliss provides a way to share and gather opinions in an organized manner that quickly lets you get a snapshot of the data collected. @peerbliss

5 Bundo Onwueme felt compelled to create Flight Reconn after experiencing his own flight delay, causing him to miss his connection to Brazil for the World Cup.  This app will let you reschedule missed and delayed flights by automatically searching for the next available seat.

Lekan and Terrand Bashua are the husband and wife duo behind SpaceHQ; helping companies create an office environment that fits their company culture. SpaceHQ is an online platform that makes it easier to create, manage and optimize the spaces where work gets done. @SpaceHQInc

Check out the original article by Dominic M. Liddell with the full list of founders on here.



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