How You Look After The Physical Side Of Your Business
August 21, 2016
Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This First
Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This First
August 22, 2016

Unique Marketing Methods That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

Unique Marketing Methods That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

Did you take your first steps into the business world this year? You’ve probably already noticed something. It’s highly competitive, and no matter what industry you’re working in, there’s always a company looking to take your place. They’re appealing to the same customers as you, and they are doing everything they can to win them over. You need to be doing the same. Now, you can look into switching up your business model, but more often than not, it’s going to come down to the presentation. You need to make sure that your business looks the part. If it does, you should have no issues keeping customers interested. Here are some great unique marketing ideas that you should consider.

Industry Specific Promotions

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You should look at strengths of your chosen industry. Restaurants are supposed to be fun places that let you forget about the stresses of work in the week. You can add to this image with unique promotions such as hidden menu items. Starbucks, are renowned for this specific marketing technique and restaurants have joined in the fun. Mcdonald’s have a secret menu item called – we’re not making this up – the McGangBang. It’s easy to see how something like this would attract attention and it’s just one of many restaurant promotion ideas. Although, secret items certainly aren’t going to work for every industry. That’s why you need to think about marketing that is industry specific.

Tech Fun

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There are plenty of ways to use tech to market your business. You’re probably immediately thinking about social media and online promotion. Perhaps, you think we’re talking about apps. Let’s be a little bolder and choose a marketing concept such as augmented reality. Pokemon Go has already shown how powerful this tech can be. You should contact an AR company and see what they can do for your business. AR could bring your marketing to life in a fresh and exciting way. You can show off a product in the virtual world. Let customers see it and feel it before their very eyes. We’re amazed businesses haven’t thought of using AR in shop windows and shop signs. Just imagine how easy it would be to bring in customers if your shop appeared to come to life when they passed by.

Riding The Wave

Unique Marketing Methods That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

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Looking back on Pokemon Go, the success of the game isn’t what’s interested us. It’s how businesses around the world have profited off that success. From posts on social media to in-house promotions, there are lots of ways to use Pokemon Go for marketing. Of course, Pokemon Go is already almost over, and businesses need to watch out for the next trend. Keeping up to date with trends will help keep marketing fresh and focused.

Something For Nothing

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Or, you could just consider giving customers something for nothing. This is certain to earn you some goodwill from customers as well as marketing buzz. Consumers love getting something for free, even if it’s not free at all. Giving away something for free is an expensive marketing trick to pull off. Unless it’s exactly that, a trick. Instead of giving something for free, you pass it off with something else. Doing this, you’re not losing any money because without the free item there wouldn’t be additional purchases. You get a great marketing campaign without any loss at all!

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