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August 22, 2016
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Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This First

Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This First

Now and then, business owners will look around their office and feel like something needs to change. Maybe they feel that their employees need to work a little harder. Maybe they think there should be a bit less noise. And maybe they’ll feel like the office itself needs to change.

Does your office actually need a redesign?

You’ve probably seen some of the amazing offices in businesses like Facebook and Google. In fact, it seems that one of the key features of modern startups is an office that looks amazing. These offices almost don’t look like places of work, and yet they look like perfect places to work in. They’re certainly amazing feats of office design, that’s for sure.

For many business owners, this sparks a sort of “office envy”. They become under the impression that they need to have a massive overhaul of their office in order to keep “with it”. Of course, a redesign will come with its benefits. But you have to ask yourself just how much your office needs it. Such a task can cause some downtime among your employees. Can you afford that? And speaking of affording it, have you figured out how much it will cost you overall? Can you afford that?

The benefits of a redesign

The work of your office produces should be the pinnacle of your business. The design of the office itself should take a backseat. Having something modern, flashy, and fun should always come second.

Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This FirstWikimedia

Having said that, there are definitely benefits to an overhaul of your office’s design. If your office is looking a bit shabby and dusty, then it’s definitely something you should look into. Office design affects worker satisfaction (and thus productivity); this shouldn’t be overlooked. Plus, an amazing office can help attract potential employees as well as investors.

Keeping it simple

If you’ve decided that your office does need a makeover, you may want to keep it simple. This reduces the amount of downtime that your business will experience. After all, if the changes are minor then you may not have to send employees home at all!

Thinking of Redesigning Your Workplace? Read This FirstPixabay

It could be that all your office needs is a new lick of paint. This could be on the inside or even the outside. In which case, you can look into commercial painting. Get rid of any superfluous items that are making the place look cluttered; this will give you a more spacious feel. Hang up some simple modern art here and there. These simple steps will help your office feel more “fresh” in no time!

Not keeping it simple

So you’ve decided that you absolutely must have the coolest office in the world. You want funky, unique meeting rooms. You want fun technology to keep the staff entertained on their breaks. You want your office to feel truly one-of-a-kind.
In that case, I imagine you’re going to have to send your employees home while the bulk of the work is being done! You should look into allowing them to work from home so you don’t miss out on too much work. After that, you should be looking into other offices for inspiration. You could even talk to an interior designer to help get things looking amazing.

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