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Five Practical Social Networks For Professional Use

Five Practical Social Networks For Professional Use

We all know that social media is becoming hugely popular all over the world. However, with new social media websites and apps popping up every day, it can be hard to keep up. There are tons of social media networks out there with increasingly niche purposes. But for your business, it’s best to keep it to the basics.

Sticking to the most popular and accessible social networks is the best way to go. Less social media channels to maintain means you can work on quality over quantity. Each of these social media sites has their own format, so businesses use them in different ways. Here are the best networks to use and how to use them.


Facebook is absolutely enormous. It’s the most popular social media website in the world based on visits. Over one billion people are active on Facebook, with a significant portion of them using it daily. Because it’s such a massive channel, it’s vital that your business has a Facebook presence.

Facebook allows you to open a page for your business. You can use your page for all kinds of purposes. You can advertise promotions, share interesting blog posts, and reply to customer feedback. Since it’s such a major website, Facebook is great for practically all purposes.


Twitter is another rapidly growing social network that every respectable business is on. Twitter differs from Facebook in the fact posts are 140 characters in length.

Due to the short length of Twitter posts, it’s best for short snippets of information. You can submit quick sales promotions, hold retweet competitions, and make quirky posts. Hashtags let you join in discussions, so use them to advertise what your business does.


LinkedIn is a professional social network. LinkedIn users can make business contacts, follow companies, and post their career information.

Companies use it to advertise jobs, share company news, and make professional posts. Some sites offer LinkedIn tips to help you get the most out of your business profile.

Having a well maintained, professional LinkedIn page will improve your business reputation. It can also land you important connections.


Instagram is the best social network for sharing images and short videos. Their website statistics show that they get over 300 million active users a day sharing over 95 million photos and videos.

It many people’s favorite place to see cool images. Retail businesses often post well-presented photos of their products on Instagram. Those who like them can share them with more people, netting potential new customers.

It’s also suitable for images such as business infographics, and inspirational quotes. Whatever kind of pictures you want to post, it’s worth having your business on Instagram.


YouTube isn’t just one of the most popular social media channels; it’s one of the most visited websites on the entire internet. Therefore, it’s well worth getting your business on there.
YouTube is the go-to source for all kinds of videos. Companies often use it to post video advertisements, tutorials, and product demonstrations. Some businesses also reach out to popular YouTube members to advertise their products. Unboxing videos are becoming a huge fad, so they can be a fantastic unique marketing strategy for companies to utilize.

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