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The Big Admin Challenges That Could Harm Your Small Business

The Big Admin Challenges That Could Harm Your Small Business

Office admin – it’s a piece of cake, right? Well, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. While admin assistants might not enjoy the rates of pay of sales people, they work hard for their money. And without them, many businesses would just collapse.

Today, we’re going to highlight many of the little admin challenges that occur in every business. Leave them unchecked, and it could cause your almighty business issues.

Perhaps it will highlight the areas of your business that are slowing you down. Maybe you’ll even hire an assistant to give you a hand. But our main hope is that you will understand that even the most basic admin mistakes could lead to big problems.

No system

Admin can be simple when you are just getting started. You might only need an hour or so each week to keep things up to date and in some kind of order. But what happens when business starts to take off? The more customers you have, the more papers you need to file and access. Unless you have a robust system in place, things will quickly get messy.

Angry suppliers

You spend a long time forging a new relationship with an excellent supplier. You manage to strike a great deal, on condition that you make prompt payments. But then you lose an invoice while out on another job. You forget to pay, and just like that, your card is marked, and your relationship could start to decline. At some point, you are going to need some help, to allow you to spend more time with clients and less beneath an unmanageable pile of papers


Once you grow larger, it’s time to hire some employees. The only problem is that when you hire people, you have to start thinking about even more contracts for them. They will join the many other contracts you have with suppliers, customers, and service companies. Each of them needs to be managed and maintained – it’s called contract lifecycle management. Without an automated system or an HR admin assistant, it’s going to be hard for you to track every last piece of info on the contract. And, the chances are, that you will miss something and leave yourself exposed to potential legal issues.

Your time

In business, your time is money. It makes no sense to spend all your time on tasks that someone else could do for a lot less money. Let’s say that when you are out on a sales visit, your value averages at $1000 per day. If you spend half a week away from that environment doing admin, you can see where the problem lies. It makes far more sense to hire an assistant or a virtual helper to do the job better, and for $100 a day. It frees up your time to get out there in the field and come home with new contracts and more profit.

Your health

Finally, paperwork and organization are a necessary evil. Your business will not function without it. But knowing you have all that paperwork to file can be incredibly stressful, which can, in turn, lead to health problems. Give yourself a break and let someone else deal with it – your stress levels will reduce within days.

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